[Bug 12957] Removing all keyboard layouts break x/xkb forever

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------- Additional Comments From surak at surak.eti.br  2005-08-04 19:55 UTC -------
Breezy with latest upgrades is suffering from this again.

Let me tell you what happened, step by step.

I'm using breezy live, with an ubuntuexpress-install from my own. So, I'm using
an unmodified breezy live in a hard drive.

When I booted the cd, I chose language brazilian portuguese, layout abnt2. Gnome
ignored it. Ok, then I changed the "keyboard model" to "Brazilian ABNT2" and
selected layout to "abnt2".

After that, a apt-get dist-upgrade was made. Xkb errors on gnome login, and the
keyboard is now us-english. I open gnome-keyboard-properties and everything
seems fine, but still the layout is en_US. When I try to add another layout,
gnome-keyboard-properties quits. The console message is

** (gnome-keyboard-properties:14587): CRITICAL **: XkbGetKeyboard failed to get
keyboard from the server!

some packages' versions:
libxkbfile1                       7.0.0-2
gnome-control-center              2.11.90-0ubuntu1

Should I report this upstream?

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