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Fri Mar 24 14:50:06 GMT 2006

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 17:39:48 +0100
Source: kde-guidance
Binary: kde-guidance
Architecture: source
Version: 0.6.3-0ubuntu1
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Fathi Boudra <fboudra at>
Changed-By: Fathi Boudra <fboudra at>
 kde-guidance - collection of KDE system administration tools for GNU/Linux
 kde-guidance (0.6.3-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   [ Fathi Boudra ]
   * Sync with Debian package (not yet in archives)
   [ Simon Edwards ]
   * BUG: userconfig and unixauthdb didn't respect the ownership of system files
     when update /etc/passwd and friends. (Malone bug #26175).
   * BUG: userconfig and unixauthdb would fail if /etc/passwd, /etc/groups or
     /etc/shadow contained blank lines.
   * BUG: displayconfig now does a better job of detecting graphics PCI devices
     and handling non-detected graphics cards. Instead of crashing, "generic
     VESA" is used when the type of card can't be found. (Malone bug #32915)
   * The DPI that uses at login time can now be
     controlled by adding a line to ~/.kde/share/config/displayconfigrc
     in the [General] section. Add "dpi=xserver" to use the default DPI
     from the X server, or "dpi=100" to use 100 DPI for example.
   * BUG: Widescreen modes were missing in displayconfig.
   * Displayconfig: Monitors can now be specified as being standard aspect ratio
     or widescreen.
   * BUG: Using the xresprobe command in displayconfig would crash some people's
     machines. The much more safer ddcprobe command is now used.
     (Malone bug #33943)
   * BUG: A bug is displayconfig stopped monitor model detection. The xresprobe
     command didn't actually return the eisa ID of the connected monitor.
     ddcprobe does though (see above).
   * BUG: Displayconfig. Changes to the monitor model or image format are
     shown immediately on the "Size & Orientation" tab, even if the screen is
     currently being used.
   * BUG: When userconfig asks about whether the home directory should be created
     when creating a new account, sometimes the wrong directory name was shown in
     the dialog.
   * BUG: Powerbook screen mode "1280x854" add to displayconfig. (Malone bug
   * BUG: Displayconfig would throw an exception if the current display didn't
     support DPMS. (Malone bug #34316).
   * BUG: Most utilities would fail if they came across UTF-8 or unicode
     characters. (Malone bug #34194).
   * BUG: Displayconfig wouldn't correctly detect the presence of installed
     proprietary drivers. (OculusAquilae)
   * BUG: Displayconfig had trouble handling BusID rows in xorg.conf. This would
     cause the xorg.conf to be incorrectly read. (Tonio)
   * Added some extra methods to to aid debugging.
   * BUG: Displayconfig would not save the user's display settings when running
     in kcontrol or systemsettings. (Malone bug #35257)
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