Accepted glom 0.9.91-0ubuntu1 (source)

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Sun Mar 19 22:45:06 GMT 2006

 OK: glom_0.9.91-0ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: gnome
 OK: glom_0.9.91.orig.tar.gz
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Format: 1.7
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 09:15:21 +0100
Source: glom
Binary: glom
Architecture: source
Version: 0.9.91-0ubuntu1
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>
Changed-By: Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>
 glom       - database designer and user interface
 glom (0.9.91-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   * New upstream release:
     - Creating databases: Make sure that the user is in the developer group,
       even if he has never opened an example, allowing him to change his own
     - Date fields:
       - Show and parse 4 digits for the year, even if the locale (stftime)
         stupidly thinks otherwise, though this need attention from
         translators in affected locales.
       - Fixed for en_GB (Britain). Was not a problem for en_US or de_DE.
     - Details layouts:
       - Fields with choices are no longer insensitive when read-only, so you
         can now, for instance, select and copy text out of them, or see what
         is in their menus.
 glom (0.9.9-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   * New usptream release:
     - Details layouts:
       - Added a Notebook layout part, with tabs, so the details can show more
         information, such as several related layouts portals.
       - Stop pictures and calculated values from existing records appearing on
         new empty records.
     - View Layouts and Reports:
       - Allow doubly-related fields. For instance, Actor::Agent::name on the
         Details of a Character record.
       - Add a Text layout part, for arbitrary text on the Details view, or
     - Reports:
       - Allow top-level fields in reports, for non-grouped-by reports.
       - Allow use of Group By parts without specified group-by fields, so they
         can be (mis)used just to specify a sort field for non-grouped-by
       - Allow Group By parts to be sorted by multiple fields, and allow the
         sort order (ascending or descending) to be specified.
       - Added Vertical Group report part, for packing more information into
         a row.
       - Allow adding of fields as siblings while selecting the field,
         instead of requiring the user to select the parent group.
       - Allow custom formatting of fields.
       - Allow a border width to be specified for the records table cells.
       - Added a horizontal line	below group-by titles.
 524c69915b50ac9a67aeb6bcff122f1a 1041 gnome optional glom_0.9.91-0ubuntu1.dsc
 e66241ac05a3c8fbee29229ce60aa804 1193236 gnome optional glom_0.9.91.orig.tar.gz
 eebfacd50b70b7122cced45c682da8d1 7030 gnome optional glom_0.9.91-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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