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Wed Feb 8 17:00:27 GMT 2006

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  7 Feb 2006 17:14:17 +0000
Source: firefox
Binary: libnspr4 firefox-dom-inspector firefox-dev mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-dev libnss3 firefox-gnome-support libnspr-dev libnss-dev firefox
Architecture: source
Version: 1.5.dfsg+
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Eric Dorland <eric at>
Changed-By: Ian Jackson <iwj at>
 firefox    - lightweight web browser based on Mozilla
 firefox-dev - Development files for Mozilla Firefox
 firefox-dom-inspector - tool for inspecting the DOM of pages in Mozilla Firefox
 firefox-gnome-support - Support for Gnome in Mozilla Firefox
 libnspr-dev - Netscape Portable Runtime library - development files
 libnspr4   - Netscape Portable Runtime Library
 libnss-dev - Network Security Service Libraries - development
 libnss3    - Network Security Service Libraries - runtime
 mozilla-firefox - Transition package for firefox rename
 mozilla-firefox-dev - dummy transitional package
Closes: 338716 344888 345112 348069 348375 348451 348699 348902 349624 349946 350571 350608 350611 350621 350788 351442
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low
   Changes since 1.5.dfsg-4ubuntu6:
   * New upstream version ( - security and stability fixes,
     allegedly. (About 7000 lines of diff, so not reviewed for Ubuntu.)
   * Fix Norwegian translation in .desktop file.  (Malone #30603.)
   * mkdir /usr/include/mozilla in firefox-dev.preinst to avoid
     maintainer script sometimes preventing installation.
   * Move the shlibs needed for gtkmozembed to /usr/lib (avoids
     need for rpath and nonsense in firefox-gtkmozembed.pc).
   * Work around new GNU make braindamage by adding seddery to
   Expected-permanent differences between Ubuntu and Debian:
   * Build nspr and nss for use by all other programs in the distribution
     (Packages: libnspr-dev, libnss-dev, libnspr4, libnss3.  Fairly main
     changes to parts of the build system.)  This is so that mozilla
     can be in Ubuntu universe.
   * Disable xprint.  (xprint is not used in Ubuntu.)
   * Slightly different arrangements do with with transitional arrangements
     related to package renaming from mozilla-firefox-*.
   * Removed transitional packages mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector and
     mozilla-firefox-gnome-support (not needed in Ubuntu).
   * Build firefox-dev; applications which embed a browser in Ubuntu
     generally embed Firefox rather than mozilla.  This also means that we
     build firefox with dynamic linking so that embedders and load ff.
   * Debian package search replaced by Ubuntu package search (and defaults
     to searching only in dapper, not all releases).
   * Changes to various icons (and their installation paths).
   * Strip CUPS/ from the front of displayed printer names, since
     all printing in Ubuntu is done via CUPS.
   Other differences remaining between Ubuntu and Debian:
   * debian/rules clean removes various junk left over by the mozilla build
     system.  (Debian #350616.)
   * Exclude from dpkg_shlibdeps as this triggers a bug in
     fakeroot on amd64 in Ubuntu.
   * Set FIREFOX_DSP=none by default.  Will sometimes break sound from eg
     Flash.  See for rationale.
     (Debian maintainers notified but no bug filed.)
   * Append our plugin path to any previous value of MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH.
     (Malone 29412.  Debian #351806)
   * firefox.desktop file has more translations and consistently calls the
     application `Firefox Web Browser' (for better UI in the menus - this
     change is also in  Debian #351807.
   * Default printing command doesn't break if printer name contains
     spaces (actually a preference, in all.js).  (Debian #351809,
     Mozilla Bugzilla #326245).
   * security/coreconf/ adjusted with awful seddery to cope with
     GNU make change to POSIXly interpretation of backslash line-joining.
     Mozilla Bugzilla #325148.
   * security/coreconf/ has a set -e added.
   * Use GNOME mime database instead of mailcap.  Patch imported from Red
     Hat; see debian/gnome-mime-handling.diff.
   * Change various preferences:
     - Ubuntu-specific default homepage
     - Ubuntu-specific release notes
     - default homepage can be locale-specific
     - middlebutton paste disabled
     - do not load a special home page on first start after an upgrade
     - disable File / Import (wizard is nonfunctional).
       Malone #28563, Debian #350599, Mozilla Bugzilla 117844.
     - save files to Desktop by default
     - README.Ubuntu file (still rather full of junk)
     - Prevent websites disabling the right-button context menu.
     - Default font for display is sans, but:
     - Default CSS for printing uses a serif font.
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low
   * The "those Ubuntu guys are great after all" release.
   * New upstream release. (Closes: #351442)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/presubj: Added indications to try to reproduce without extensions
     before actually filing a bug, and a hint to the safe mode.
   * debian/firefox.install: added the reporter chrome files. (Closes: #344888)
   * widget/src/gtk2/nsWindow.cpp: Revert additional stale patch for
     extended mouse buttons support.
   * debian/firefox.postinst, debian/firefox.prerm: unbashified.
     (Closes: #349946)
   * debian/control, debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm: Let the firefox-gnome-support
     package provide gnome-www-browser and handle a gnome-www-browser
     alternative. Thanks Loic Minier. (Closes: #350788)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Enable Pango support by default. The
     MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO environment variable is now useless. (Closes: #338716)
   * debian/README.Debian: Change the paragraph about Pango to hint about
     the MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO variable.
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp,
     modules/libpref/src/init/all.js, widget/public/nsGUIEvent.h: Apply
     patch from Ian Jackson to revert a stale patch for multiple mouse
     button support that was fixed in a different way in 1.5
     (Closes: #348375)
   * debian/firefox.preinst: Check md5sum's of old conffiles before cp'ing
     them on upgrade. This won't stop all unnecessary conffile prompting in
     all situations (especially from really old versions), but should
     definitely should work for upgrading from testing or stable. (Closes:
   * debian/firefox.install:
     - Remove (Closes: #348902)
     - Reorganize things a bit.
     - Move profile into /etc/firefox here, instead of in the rules file.
   * debian/firefox.install, debian/firefox.preinst, debian/firefox.links,
     debian/firefox.dirs, debian/rules: Move chrome, defaults, greprefs
     into /usr/share/firefox for more FHS goodnesss.
   * debian/firefox.1: Document -new-tab and -new-window options, and
     remove deprecated -remote option. (Closes: #348699)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Apply patch to properly URL escape local
     files. Thanks Morita Sho. (Closes: #348451)
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js:
     - Reallow 40-bit ciphers, since now firefox warns people who
       use them. (Closes: #349624)
     - Enable bidi UI elements for our bi-directional friends.
       (Closes: #348069)
   * debian/rules: Remove glob pattern from dh_install invocation. Thanks
     Ian Jackson. (Closes: #350571)
   * browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul: Fix spurious scrollbar in the
     about dialog box. Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #350608)
   * js/src/fdlibm/fdlibm.h: Patch to fix little endianess of
     mipsel. Thanks Ian Jackson and Thiemo Seufer. (Closes: #350621)
   * browser/base/content/search.xml: Patch from Ian Jackson to remove
     misleading Clear option from search box context menu. (Closes: #350611)
   * debian/watch: Fix regex to actually find the upstream tarballs.
   * modules/libpref/src/init/all.js: Cope better with printers with spaces
     in the name. Thanks Ian Jackson.
   * toolkit/components/passwordmgr/base/nsPasswordManager.cpp: Take patch
     from bz#235336 as suggested by Ian Jackson to allow password manager
     to work with sites that only have a password field, no username.
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