Accepted fetchmail 6.3.2-2ubuntu1 (source)

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Feb 7 12:11:27 GMT 2006

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  7 Feb 2006 12:12:13 +0100
Source: fetchmail
Binary: fetchmailconf fetchmail
Architecture: source
Version: 6.3.2-2ubuntu1
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Fetchmail Maintainers <pkg-fetchmail-maint at>
Changed-By: Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at>
 fetchmail  - SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
 fetchmailconf - fetchmail configurator
Closes: 156094 207919 212240 213299 213484 218040 224564 229014 230615 241883 242384 244828 276044 276424 277324 282259 296163 298557 301348 301964 304701 304701 316446 316454 317761 320645 323028 327250 329975 338007 340630 344582 344978 345263 345944 347996 348037 348037 348134 348747 348855 348964
 fetchmail (6.3.2-2ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   * Resynchronise with Debian. This brings the new upstream version to dapper
     since upstream support for 6.2 was dropped.
   * Drop debian/patches/CVE-2005-4348.dpatch, upstream now.
 fetchmail (6.3.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Nico Golde ]
   * included 01.fix-netrc-sigsegv patch to fix a segmentation fault
     if no password for an account in netrc is set. Will be included in
     next upstream release.
   [ Hector Garcia ]
   * Included 02.fix-print-date patch to fix regresion on log notification.
     Is included on upstream devel branch. (Closes: #282259)
 fetchmail (6.3.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Nico Golde ]
   * New upstream release
     - Security fix of CVE-2006-0321 (Closes: #348747).
     - Fix help for poll interval and fetchall in
       fetchmailconf (Closes: #344978).
     - Don't complain about READ-ONLY IMAP folders in
        --fetchall --keep mode (Closes: #348964).
   * Removed 01_man_page.dpatch file upstream included it.
   * Fixed watch file to match on bz2 files.
   [ Hector Garcia ]
   * Changed usermod --home to -d to prevent failure on old versions of passwd.
     (Closes: #348855)
 fetchmail (6.3.1-4) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Nico Golde ]
   * Fixed broken symlink (Closes: #348134).
   * removed gzip of fetchmailconf.1 cause we should ignore it,
     it points to a wrong fetchmail manpage so we set a symlink
   [ Hector Garcia ]
   * Reverted pidfile location (Closes: #348037).
   * Removed #!/usr/bin/env python from since it
     is used as a lib not as a script. New dpatch file.
 fetchmail (6.3.1-3) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Nico Golde ]
   * Fixed FTBFS on buildds (Closes: #347996).
   [ Hector Garcia ]
   * Moving instead of deleting it on upgrade to prevent
     failure on first reboot (Closes: #348037).
   * Fixed bug that emptyed /etc/default/fetchmail.
 fetchmail (6.3.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/ to fetchmailconf install files to
     fix breakage from last upload.
 fetchmail (6.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Nico Golde ]
   * New upstream release
     - Fixed tracepolls problem for 2nd user in skip stanza (Closes: #156094).
     - Corrected global option descriptions in manpage (Closes: #241883).
     - Progress dots will appear now (Closes: #298557).
     - Fixed manpage typos (Closes: #323028).
     - Fixed character encoding of fetchmail daemon (Closes: #277324).
     - Fixed broken subjects in notification mails (Closes: #301348)
     - uidl usage is not switched on by default anymore (Closes: #304701).
     - Security fix. CVE-2005-4348 (Closes: #345944).
     - Ipv6 is now enabled by default (Closes: #345263, #329975).
   * Removed de.po fix because upstream included it.
   * Added Homepage tag to control file.
   * Update manpage patch to current version.
   * Removed flex and bison from build depends, they are no longer needed.
   * Fetchmail now uses gettext.
   * Removed --enable-ipv6 (its default now) and --enable-netsec cause
     it is no longer working.
   * Added call to make update-gmo to fix localisation problems (Closes: #340630).
   * Updated copyright file.
   * Removed Loic Minier from uploaders.
   * Added fetchmail-ssl removal to NEWS file.
   * Removed xutils dependency because makedepend is not necessary since 6.3.0.
   * Moved fetchmail home directory to /var/lib/fetchmail (Closes: #327250).
   * Removed NEWS.truncated file from installation and replaced with OLDNEWS.
   [ Hector Garcia ]
   * Remove man1 from mandir on install time. (change on the packaging).
   * Added myself to uploaders.
   * Added patch to fix warning on fetchmail man page. Should submit upstream.
   * Included gettext on build-depend.
   * Included patch to update es.po. Already sended patch to usual translator.
   * Added /etc/default/fetchmail to define when to start fetchmail or not
     (Closes: #344582, #218040, #276044).
   * Added NEWS.Debian to explain above.
   * Made changes on control file to delete properly old fetchmail-ssl. I must
     ask ftpmaster to delete it from archive.
   * Removed depend on base-files (>= 2.2.0). Woody was released with 3.0.2
   * Fixed a problem on debian/rules that was forcing configure to be called twice.
   * Changed UIDL file to /var/lib/fetchmail/.fetchmail-UIDL-cache since now
     upstream needs to write more files on same dir, hence /var/mail it is not
   * Added python to build-depends.
 fetchmail (6.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
     - Security fix. CVE-2005-2335 and CVE-2005-3088
     - Drop support for OS not conforming to the Single Unix Specification v2
       or v3 (aka IEEE Std 1003.1-2001).
     - Default for --smtphost is now always "localhost".
     - Force fetchsizelimit to 1 for APOP and RPOP.
     - Patch, to use a NULL envelope from, not write a Return-Path header (both to
       meet RFC-2821), changed From, added Subject header, rewording the human
       readable part.  (Closes: #316446).
     - Patch to avoid a segfault in multidrop/received mode when the
       Received: headers are malformatted.
     - MIME-encode bodies and Subject headers of warning messages, limiting
       the header to 7 bits.
     - Normalize most locale codesets to IANA codesets.
     - Nico Golde's patch to support "proto RPOP" in the configuration file,
       reported. (Closes: #242384)
     - Added Russian translation.
     - Dropped da=Danish, el=Greek and tr=Turkish translations which have more
       than 10% (61+) untranslated or fuzzy messages.
     - Major fetchmail(1) manual page overhaul.
     - Fix fetchmail leaks sockets when SSL negotiation fails.
       (Closes: #301964).
     - Really fix (garbage in Received: lines when smtphostset).
       (Closes: #207919).
     - When writing the PID file, write a FHS 2.3 compliant PID file.
       (Closes: #230615).
     - Make ODMR really silent, suppress "fetchmail: receiving message data".
      (Closes: #296163).
     - Add From: header to warning emails. (Closes: #244828).
     - Fix IMAP code to use password of arbitrary length from configuration
       file (although not when read interactively). (Closes: #276424).
     - Document that fetchmail may automatically enable UIDL option.
       (Closes: #304701).
     - Put *BOLD* text into the manual page near --mda to state unmistakably
       that the --mda %T and %F substitutions add single quotes, hoping to avoid
       bogus bug reports. (Closes: #224564).
     - gettext (intl/) has been removed from the fetchmail package.
     - Use of automake.
     - Rename fetchmailconf to Created a /bin/sh wrapper.
     - New dummy fetchmailconf manual page.
     - fetchmailconf redirects fetchmail's input from /dev/null so it doesn't
       wait for the user to enter a password when the user doesn't even see the prompt.
     - Write RFC-compliant BSMTP envelopes.
     - Received: headers now enclose the for <...> destination address in angle
       brackets for consistency with Postfix.
     - Delete oversized messages with the new --limitflush option.
       (Closes: #212240).
     - Add full support for --service option.
     - Make "envelope 'Delivered-To'" work with dropdelivered.
     - fetchmail should now automatically detect if OpenSSL requires -ldl
     - Missed --port/--service/--ssl cleanups in the manual.
     - Properly shut down SSL connections.
     - Add support for SubjectAltName (RFC-2595 or 2818), to avoid bogus certificate
       mismatch errors. Patch by Roland Stigge, Debian Bug#201113. (MA)
     - make fetchmail --silent --quit really silent. (Closes: #229014)
     - Exit with error if the lock file cannot be read.
     - Do not break some other process's lockfile in "-q" mode, but wait for
       the other process's exit.
     - Man page: --sslfingerprint points user to x509(1ssl) and gives an
          example how to use it. (Closes: #213484)
     - Try to obtain FQDN as our own host by default, rather than using
      "localhost". If hostname cannot be qualified, complain noisily and continue,
       unless Kerberos, ODMR or ETRN are used (these require a FQDN).
       Partial fix of Debian Bug#150137. (Closes: #316454).
     - fetchmailconf now sets the service properly after autoprobe.
       (Closes: #320645).
     - When eating IMAP message trailer, don't see any line containing "OK"
       as the end of the trailer, but wait for the proper tagged OK line. To work
       around the qmail + Courier-IMAP problem in Debian. (Closes: #338007).
     - Fixes: when trying to send a bounce message, don't bail out if we cannot
       qualify our own hostname, so we aren't losing the bounce. Instead, pass the
       buck on to the SMTP server and use our own unqualified hostname.
       (Closes: #317761)
     - Updated translations: Albanian [sq] (Besnik Bleta), Catalan [ca] (Ernest
       Adrogue Calveras), Czech [cs] (Miloslav Trmac), German [de] (MA),
       Spanish (Castilian) [es] (Javier Kohen), French [fr] (MA),
       Polish [pl] (Jakub Bogusz), Russian [ru] (Pavel Maryanov).
     - In oversized warning messages, print the account name, too.
       (Closes: #213299).
   * Remove man1 from mandir on install time. (change on the packaging).
   * Deleted es.po patch. Included upstream. Updated 00list.
   * Added myself to uploaders.
   * Added patch to fix warning on fetchmail man page. Should submit upstream.
 e47022ab66917e0920ada7492f780de7 762 mail optional fetchmail_6.3.2-2ubuntu1.dsc
 a661735496077232acedb82a901fa499 1522264 mail optional fetchmail_6.3.2.orig.tar.gz
 f2ee826dae8c8e6e007e1fc908559e49 180636 mail optional fetchmail_6.3.2-2ubuntu1.diff.gz

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     -> Component: main Section: mail
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