[ubuntu/cosmic-security] postgresql-10 10.9-0ubuntu0.18.10.1 (Accepted)

Marc Deslauriers marc.deslauriers at canonical.com
Thu Jun 20 13:27:37 UTC 2019

postgresql-10 (10.9-0ubuntu0.18.10.1) cosmic-security; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release (LP: #1828012)
    - Fix buffer-overflow hazards in SCRAM verifier parsing and libpq
    - Fix failure of ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN TYPE when the table has
      a partial exclusion constraint
    - Fix failure of COMMENT command for comments on domain constraints
    - Prevent possible memory clobber when there are duplicate columns in
      a hash aggregate's hash key list
    - Details about these and many further changes can be found at:

Date: 2019-06-19 13:43:13.717504+00:00
Changed-By: Christian Ehrhardt  <christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Marc Deslauriers <marc.deslauriers at canonical.com>
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