Landings for summit and loco-directory

Nigel Babu nigelbabu at
Sat Jun 11 07:04:26 UTC 2011

Hello folks,

Micheal Hall had the idea of using tarmac for our community projects
[1].  Tarmac does automatic landing of approved branches and leaves a
comment on the merge proposal if something goes wrong.  It also puts
in a commit message according to a configurable template.  This allows
to have more speed in landing the approved merges into summit and
loco-directory projects.  We tested tarmac yesterday (morning,
afternoon, night depending on where in the world you live ;-) ) and
we've liked the ease that it gives us for landing code.  I've set up
tarmac now to run every 1 hour, check for approved merges and land
them, if any.

If you have commit access to one of these projects and the changes are
ready to land, the following things need to be done.

* The "Status" of the merge proposal (first line) must be in the
"Approved" state
* The reviewer should use the "Set commit message" button to set a
commit message for this commit when its landed.
* Add a comment on the merge proposal saying something like "Looks
good, approve." and set the Review as "Approve".

Once all of these things are done, tarmac will find the branch and
commit it to trunk.  It will also close the bugs as "Fix Committed".
To get an idea of what happens with tarmac, take a look at the last
few summit revisions[2].  I've set the commit template so that first
the reviewers are listed, then the author of the branch, and then the
bug number, followed by the commit message.

If have any doubts or questions, please feel free to ping me (nigelb)
in #ubuntu-website or drop me a mail off the list.


Warm Regards
Nigel Babu

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