LoCo Directory Meeting Tool Features

Chris Johnston chrisjohnston at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 2 23:25:05 GMT 2010


I would like to start some discussion on different features that users may
be interested in having in the meetings part of the LoCo Directory. The code
is in the very early stages, but I am hoping that I can get something up and
running shortly. Some of the things that I have thought of are:

Ability to add meeting agendas
Ability to add minutes after the meeting
Ability to link to the meeting log
Define what channel the meeting is in
Allow "required participants" to be defined

There has also been talk with AlanBell about making MootBot work with the
meetings features of the LoCo Directory to allow teams to further automate
the process. I am interested in hearing what your thoughts are on this.


Chris Johnston
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