[ubuntu-cloud-archive/cloud-tools-updates] lxc (Accepted)

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 18 20:13:17 UTC 2013

 lxc (1.0.0~alpha1-0ubuntu14~ctools0) precise; urgency=low
   * New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 lxc (1.0.0~alpha1-0ubuntu14) saucy-proposed; urgency=low
   * d/p/0014-lxc-start-if-we-pass-in-a-config-file-then-don-t-use.patch
     fix lxc-start -with -f option to not use multiple configuration
     files (LP: #1251352)
 lxc (1.0.0~alpha1-0ubuntu13) saucy-proposed; urgency=low
   * debian/rules and debian/lxc.postinst: set /var/lib/lxc and /var/cache/lxc
     to be perms 700.  That prevents unprivileged users from running setuid-root
     applications.  Install that way by default, and for any previous versions,
     update the permissions.  After this version, respect the user's choice.
     (LP: #1244635)
 lxc (1.0.0~alpha1-0ubuntu12) saucy-proposed; urgency=low
   * 0012-ubuntu-Improper-pty-permissions.patch: fix pty permissions
     (LP: #1242913)
   * 0013-get-rid-of-lxcpath_anon-idea.patch: make containers started with
     a custom config easier to manage.  (LP: #1244301)
 lxc (1.0.0~alpha1-0ubuntu11) saucy; urgency=low
   * Deny any kind of access to /sys/kernel/security/** as the containers
     have no reason to read that and it's been causing dbus-daemon to think
     it can integrate with apparmor.

Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 11:00:05 -0500
Changed-By: Scott Moser <smoser at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Scott Moser <smoser at ubuntu.com> 
Published-By: Scott Moser <smoser at ubuntu.com>

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