[ubuntu-cloud-archive/queens-proposed] qemu (Accepted)

Corey Bryant corey.bryant at canonical.com
Mon Jul 29 18:55:39 UTC 2019

 qemu (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.16~cloud0) xenial-queens; urgency=medium
   * New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 qemu (1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.16) bionic; urgency=medium
   [ Christian Ehrhardt ]
   * d/p/ubuntu/lp-1830243-s390-bios-Skip-bootmap-signature-entries.patch:
     tolerate guests with secure boot loaders (LP: #1830243)
   [ Rafael David Tinoco ]
   * {Ice,Cascade}Lake CPUs + IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES support (LP: #1828495)
     Needed patches are in d/p/u/lp1828495-:
     - 0001-guidance-cpu-models.patch:
       docs: add guidance on configuring CPU models for x86
       + d/qemu-system-common.install: include man/man7/qemu-cpu-models.7
     - 0002-msr-new-msr-indices.patch:
       i386: Add new MSR indices for IA32_PRED_CMD and IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES
     - 0003-cpuid-feature-ia32-arch-capabilities.patch:
       i386: Add CPUID bit and feature words for IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR
     - 0004-cpuid-bit-for-wbnoinvd.patch:
       i386: Add CPUID bit for WBNOINVD
     - 0005-new-cpu-model-for-icelake.patch:
       i386: Add new CPU model Icelake-{Server,Client}
     - 0006-update-headers-to-4.16-rc5.patch:
       update Linux headers to 4.16-rc5
     - 0007-kvm-get-msr-feature-index_list.patch:
       kvm: Add support to KVM_GET_MSR_FEATURE_INDEX_LIST and
     - 0008-x86-msr-related-data-structure-changes.patch:
       x86: Data structure changes to support MSR based features
     - 0009-feature-wordS-arch-capabilities.patch:
       x86: define a new MSR based feature word -- FEATURE_WORDS_ARCH
     - 0010-use-kvm-get-msr-index-list.patch:
     - 0011-disable-arch-cap-when-no-msr.patch:
       i386: kvm: Disable arch_capabilities if MSR can't be set
     - 0012-arch-capabilities-migratable.patch:
       i386: Make arch_capabilities migratable
     - 0013-cascadelake-server.patch:
       i386: Add new model of Cascadelake-Server
     - 0014-remove-cpuid-pconfig.patch:
       i386: remove the new CPUID 'PCONFIG' from Icelake-Server CPU model
     - 0015-remove-cpuid-intel_pt.patch:
       i386: remove the 'INTEL_PT' CPUID bit from named CPU models
     - 0016-no-ospke-on-some.patch:
       i386: Disable OSPKE on CPU model definitions

Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2019 04:25:13 +0000
Changed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot <openstack-testing-bot at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot
Published-By: Corey Bryant <corey.bryant at canonical.com>

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