[ubuntu-cloud-archive/queens-updates] paramiko (Accepted)

Corey Bryant corey.bryant at canonical.com
Tue Mar 27 17:35:47 UTC 2018

 paramiko (2.0.0-1ubuntu1~cloud0) xenial-queens; urgency=medium
   * New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 paramiko (2.0.0-1ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium
   [Steve Beattie]
   * SECURITY UPDATE: customized clients can skip auth
     - 0004-Fixes-CVE-2018-7750-1175.patch: send message failure if not
       authenticated and message type is a service request
     - 0002-Allow-overriding-test-client-connect-kwargs-in-Trans.patch,
       add testcases plus prereq
     - CVE-2018-7750
   [ Fabien Tassin ]
   * SECURITY UPDATE: weak diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 kex always preferred (LP: #1728607)
     - 0010-git-c1233679c44-change-order-of-preferred-kex-and-hmac-algorithms.patch
     - 0011-git-b395444062e-Reorder-cipher-and-key-preferences-to-make-more-sense.patch
     Backport of the upstream changes from 2.3.1, matching the OpenSSH 7
     deprecation of diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 (http://www.openssh.com/legacy.html).
     This patch doesn't remove the support of diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 but
     makes it the least preferred kex for backward compatibility

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 18:27:18 +0000
Changed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot <openstack-testing-bot at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot
Published-By: Corey Bryant <corey.bryant at canonical.com>

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