[ubuntu-cloud-archive/pike-updates] ceph (Accepted)

Corey Bryant corey.bryant at canonical.com
Fri Jun 15 13:50:16 UTC 2018

 ceph (12.2.4-0ubuntu0.17.10.1~cloud0) xenial-pike; urgency=medium
   * New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 ceph (12.2.4-0ubuntu0.17.10.1) artful; urgency=medium
   * New upstream stable release (LP: #1750826):
     - d/rules,control: Switch to using vendored boost as 1.66 is required.
     - d/rules: Switch to using WITH_BOOST_CONTEXT for rgw beast frontend
   * d/ceph-osd.install: Add ceph-volume tools (LP: #1750376).
   * d/control: Add python-jinja2 to Depends of ceph-mgr (LP: #1752308).
   * d/ceph*.prerm: Drop, no longer needed as only use for removed upstart
     and init.d methods of managing ceph daemons (LP: #1754585).

Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2018 15:12:25 +0000
Changed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot <openstack-testing-bot at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot
Published-By: Corey Bryant <corey.bryant at canonical.com>

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