[ubuntu-cloud-archive/icehouse-updates] neutron (Accepted)

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 16 08:21:43 UTC 2014

 neutron (1:2014.1.1-0ubuntu2~cloud0) precise-icehouse; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 neutron (1:2014.1.1-0ubuntu2) trusty-proposed; urgency=medium
   [ Corey Bryant ]
   * Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (54ac82b) (LP: #1328134):
     - [2b42dd3] Handle errors from run_ofctl() when dumping flows
     - [d00446b] Reprogram flows when ovs-vswitchd restarts
     - [8d3026b] Added missing plugin .ini files to setup.cfg
     - [072bbc0] NEC plugin: Bump L3RPC callback version to 1.1
     - [47a4954] Remove List events API from Cisco N1kv Neutron
     - [28a26db] Install SNAT rules for ipv4 only
     - [5bdea2d] Use os.uname() instead of calling uname in subprocess
     - [48bc7db] Replace loopingcall in notifier with a delayed send
     - [66eeda2] Explicitly import state_path opt in tests.base
     - [f1b0607] NSX: allow net-migration only in combined mode
     - [8abb05c] NSX: do not raise on missing router during migration step
     - [4c945dd] NSX: fix error when creating VM ports on subnets without dhcp
     - [efa4f28] OVS lib defer apply doesn't handle concurrency
     - [bc30b52] NSX: ensure that no LSN is created on external networks
     - [2bcc7bf] NSX: pass the right argument during metadata setup
     - [26a591a] Big Switch: Check source_address attribute exists
     - [74a9365] L3 RPC loop could delete a router on concurrent update
     - [2a7164a] Optimize querying for security groups
     - [bac4389] set api.extensions logging to ERROR in unit tests
     - [d1ab56d] Make default nova_url use a version
     - [2c56e14] NSX: fix API payloads for dhcp/metadata setup
     - [f217479] NSX: fix migration for networks without a subnet
     - [bf281cd] NSX: change api mapping for Service Cluster to Edge Cluster
     - [7225e2b] NSX: add nsx switch lookup to dhcp and metadata operations
     - [b922aa7] Fixed floating IP logic in PLUMgrid plugin
     - [84650f8] IBM: set secret=True on passwd config field
     - [c5040b4] Update ensure()/reconnect() to catch MessagingError
     - [e0deffc] NSX: Fix fake_api_client to raise NotFound
     - [42a8539] netaddr<=0.7.10 raises ValueError instead of AddrFormatError
     - [68a24e5] Validate CIDR given as ip-prefix in security-group-rule-create
     - [8991aa6] gw_port should be set as lazy='join'
     - [54ac82b] NSX: ensure dhcp port is setup on metadata network
   [ Jamie Strandboge ]
   * SECURITY UPDATE: specify /etc/neutron/rootwrap.conf for use with
     - CVE-2013-6433 (LP: #1185019)

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 17:03:52 -0400
Changed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot <openstack-testing-bot at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Openstack Ubuntu Testing Bot
Published-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com>

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