[ubuntu-cloud-archive/grizzly-updates] nova (Accepted)

Adam Gandelman adamg at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 26 21:02:19 UTC 2013

 nova (1:2013.1.3-0ubuntu1~cloud0) precise-grizzly; urgency=low
   * New stable update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 nova (1:2013.1.3-0ubuntu1) raring-proposed; urgency=low
   * Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (89c7ee4) (LP: #1210447):
     - [8e6edd2] Bump stable/grizzly next version to 2013.1.3
     - [61fc529] attach quantum security group to an existing vm failed
       LP: 1189059
     - [60774bd] nova-compute fails to start if quantum is down LP: 1186357
     - [8e6d4b6] asymmetric routes in nova network with external gateway and
       routing_source_ip LP: 1182143
     - [8849413] Failed VM's not set to error state on exception LP: 1182056
     - [ef10eee] Double healing of info_cache with cells LP: 1180304
     - [7422d83] Can't log into  VM after powervm is resized LP: 1169848
     - [49ab0e8] stack trace when instance_actions extension can not find
       instance in GET LP: 1182867
     - [e71247c] nova service-list returns illegal result with non db service
       heartbeat LP: 1168861
     - [3f60606] Volume IO usage gets reset to 0 after a reboot / crash
       LP: 1169097
     - [19c443b] unused method  list_interfaces in vmware driver can be removed
       LP: 1187251
     - [a8dab9f] No cleanup done when file transfer fails with powervm driver
       LP: 1173017
     - [fc98015] nova consoleauth depends on Conductor Service LP: 1186123
     - [1066418] VMware drivers are no longer passing quantum port-id to
       vCenter LP: 1183452
     - [b92075c] nova net-list fails on empty list with Quantum backend
       LP: 1189976
     - [3ba31f2] Create VM with no networks with Quantum Gives SecurityGroups
       Exception LP: 1191044
     - [89150b2] Periodic ValueErrors when using qpid LP: 1185465
     - [0e0d615] Libvirt pre-Grizzly instances cannot be block migrated
       LP: 1185588
     - [27960ef] ZMQ ipc socket file is created using un-sanitized network
       input LP: 1122763
     - [265b868] cannot block migrate old style instances libvirt complains
       LP: 1175286
     - [008a68a] code logical error exists in vmwareapi vif.py  LP: 1177635
     - [378c045] Instance IP addresses are re-used even when previous instance
       could not be powered off LP: 1180178
     - [48ddffe] Reboot of compute node breaks VMs with volumes LP: 1188326
     - [f427f01] Missing dashes from console-log LP: 1194032
     - [78ebf1a] network-create returns an internal error when network
       conflicts LP: 1158075
     - [767c850] Instance nics are reorder after reboot LP: 1187092
     - [0b45996] instance directory naming update to use uuid  LP: 1186944
     - [06cfad5] Disassociate failed dhcp fixed ip in deallocate_for_instance()
       method LP: 1180766
     - [cbcdfc5] Allow confirm_resize action on an instance in 'deleting'
       status LP: 1189391
     - [2563c44] aggregate_get_by_host returns aggregates from other hosts
       LP: 1201277
     - [109f3a9] nova libvirt driver requires iscsi initiator name regardless
       of using it in volume drivers LP: 1007084
     - [7f1c336] Host is always set to None in get_instance_nw_info(...)
       LP: 1194178
     - [1cf30a3] nova boot with colume should fail if the volume is already
       attached to another instance LP: 1166770
     - [9cb9361] Aggregate metadata filtering by key returns unrelated metadata
       LP: 1201283
     - [a61872b] Need clean up  ftp transfer faiure  in powervm driver
       LP: 1188884
     - [91bcd15] Race can cause soft deleted instance to be erased by mistake
       LP: 1186243
     - [c57fded] Nova fails to create a security group rule if ::0/0 is used as
       cidr LP: 1199943
     - [c698dd3] VMwareESXDriver and VMwareVCDriver report incorrect stat
       LP: 1180779
     - [e572faf] novnc fails when amqp_rpc_single_reply_queue=True LP: 1193031
     - [34ddd27] eventlet.monkey_patch() for spice and vnc proxy
     - [864837f] hypervisor_hostname not updated on evacuate LP: 1198284
     - [756a772] libvirt migrate/resize on shared storage can cause data loss
       LP: 1177247
     - [889b215] nova live-migration of volume-backed VM fails because of image
       is None LP: 1199811
     - [60712a4] VNC console does not work with VCDriver LP: 1178369
     - [e0aa0f5] metadata service throws error 500 when compute_driver is not
       set LP: 1184641
     - [340d337] Instance IP addresses are re-used even when previous instance
       could not be powered off LP: 1180178
     - [8247dc8] Resource limit circumvention in Nova private flavors
       (CVE-2013-2256) LP: 1194093
     - [bd7e467] Denial of Service in Nova network source security groups
       (CVE-2013-4185) LP: 1184041
     - [c3fddb7] Resize a VM when a volume is attached fails LP: 1190364
     - [01edbaa] Hyper-V versions before 2012 are not properly recognized
       LP: 1203059
     - [b18818a] driver libvirt doesn't honor vif quota LP: 1185030
     - [798984d] config drive not visible to windows LP: 1155842
     - [d18ceb1] nova live-migration failed due to exception.MigrationError
       LP: 1171526
     - [1934dbc] vmware Hyper for nova vnc console url parameters error
       LP: 1172177
     - [89c7ee4] [OSSA 2013-023] Potential unsafe XML usage (CVE-2013-4179,
       CVE-2013-4202) LP: 1190229
   * debian/rules: Clean new setuptools-git cruft.
   * debian/control: Update Vcs fields.

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 14:01:33 -0700
Changed-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com> 
Published-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com>

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