[ubuntu-cloud-archive/grizzly-updates] quantum (Accepted)

Adam Gandelman adamg at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 26 21:01:34 UTC 2013

 quantum (1:2013.1.3-0ubuntu1~cloud0) precise-grizzly; urgency=low
   * New stable update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 quantum (1:2013.1.3-0ubuntu1) raring-proposed; urgency=low
   * Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (06f679d) (LP: #1210447):
     - [e1d25de] Bump stable/grizzly next version to 2013.1.3
     - [1fb9952] Port profile should not mark vlan as native-vlan LP: 1186461
     - [2e49395] nec plugin: portinfo entries are not removed LP: 1187249
     - [7e5cb39] Enable router extension in Brocade Plugin LP: 1166516
     - [d298464] DbQuotaDriver allows setting of negative quota values
       LP: 1178886
     - [a6b23e1] when boot many vms with quantum, nova sometimes allocates two
       quantum ports rather than one LP: 1160442
     - [38ad51a] NEC plugin fails to process portinfo message after port delete
       LP: 1187701
     - [1458438] fail to delete network in nec plugin unless subnet is deleted
       explicitly LP: 1190163
     - [9b38a4b] All subprocess.Popen calls should go through common function
       LP: 1053381
     - [a99cc45] Qpid cannot serialize objects containing strings longer than
       65535 characters LP: 1175808
     - [57b2bcf] when a port have multiple IP addresses the port cannot
       communicate LP: 1190613
     - [0d59115] Big Switch Plugin Tenant_id for floating-ip port missing
       LP: 1190020
     - [b606ee1] compute node's OVS agent takes long time to scan sync all
       port's stat and update port security rules LP: 1194438
     - [1d3fee1] Fix Cisco Nexus plugin failures for vlan IDs 1006-4094
       LP: 1174593
     - [fffabc4] Ports created by l3 interface are DOWN LP: 1192883
     - [fe7646a] unable to unset gateway_ip on existing subnet LP: 1178273
     - [f97f1b3] Neutron DHCP agent generates invalid hostnames for new version
       of dnsmasq LP: 1204125
     - [c11cf21] Cisco plugin cannot create ports for non-admin VMs LP: 1202462
     - [b47efc4] Remove unused config parameters from Cisco plugin, document
       the others LP: 1201537
     - [b9daf57] Fix Cisco nexus plugin failure for first VLAN on phy interface
       LP: 1174852
     - [06f679d] Duplicate entries in the hosts file LP: 1191768
   * debian/control: Update Vcs fields.

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 14:01:39 -0700
Changed-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com> 
Published-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com>

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