[ubuntu-cloud-archive/grizzly-proposed] nova (Accepted)

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Sun May 26 18:55:46 UTC 2013

 nova (1:2013.1.1-0ubuntu2~cloud0) precise-grizzly; urgency=low
   * New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 nova (1:2013.1.1-0ubuntu2) raring-proposed; urgency=low
   * Rebase on latest security updates.
   * SECURITY UPDATE: verify virtual size of QCOW2 images
     - CVE-2013-2096.patch: update nova/virt/libvirt/imagebackend.py to
       check QCOW2 image size during root disk creation
     - CVE-2013-2096
 nova (1:2013.1.1-0ubuntu1) raring-proposed; urgency=low
   * Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (be94dd25) (LP: #1179626):
     - [e49e38c] ArchiveTestCase.test_archive_deleted_rows_fk_constraint fails on
       RHEL6 LP: 1158828
     - [7bf3e8d] Insecure directory creation for signing LP: 1174608
     - [55df546] VMware Hyper snapshot image missing some properties LP: 1174199
     - [447e4a3] _update_usage_from_migrations doesn't grab instance for
       migration LP: 1163622
     - [79ad6cb] baremetal nodes are garbage collected incorrectly LP: 1174952
     - [2e55ecc] volume attach fails without systool installed LP: 1172486
     - [5576985] Nova API memcached key encoding error LP: 1174487
     - [df5d13c] nova-manage out of memory error creating many floating IPs
       LP: 1163394
     - [512d495] import and install gettext in vm_vdi_cleaner.py
     - [141107f] nova-manage uses nova.db.fixed_ip_get_all_by_instance_host,
       which no longer exists LP: 1163660
     - [a43c11e] Wrong proxy port in nova.conf for Spice LP: 1172957
     - [a313b12] image creation causes stacktrace LP: 1169560
     - [7771985] Kernel boot output missing from VNC/Spice consoles with AMI
       images LP: 1164021
     - [c185195] EC2 CreateVolumes/DescribeVolumes strange status  LP: 1074901
     - [1168873] console auth does not work with memcache, unicode error (again)
       LP: 1164784
     - [c7a0d74] Passing duplicate network ids to Quantum throws wrong exception
       LP: 1165088
     - [a1fe8e2] _poll_rescued_instances() makes an invalid database query
       LP: 1167619
     - [6c01eee] ec2 api does not work for aws-java-sdk LP: 1156445
     - [1ecc009] Caching metadata fails when using memcached LP: 1160900
     - [9909095] Unnecessary db call in scheduler driver live-migration code
       LP: 1167811
     - [a3cc7bc] libvirt livemigration warning logger refernces a not defined
       local variable LP: 1164072
     - [2574421] set timeout for paramiko ssh connection
     - [7e527ca] Compute manager fails to cleanup compute_nodes not reported by
       driver LP: 1161193
     - [52663f7] Instance joins with system_metadata are critically slow
       LP: 1164737
     - [e653938] nova list quantum security group cache  LP: 1161518
     - [f7bcd95] get_instance_security_groups() get_admin_context() causes lots
       of keystone chatter LP: 1161081
     - [232f874] Nova API Memcached Encoding Error LP: 1158958
     - [6d16278] Wrong disk's over committed size computing caused
       disk_available_least resource counting increasing LP: 1167695
     - [02da2d5] PolicyNotAuthorized not returned for confirmResize,
       revertResize, reboot LP: 1170453
     - [05e1c47] In-progress migrations may not have stashed instance types
       LP: 1164110
     - [e48e194] Update latest oslo.setup.
     - [9db4729] Argument order inconsistancy in
       nova.network.quantumv2.api.get_instance_nw_info() LP: 1159042
     - [c4cd98c] remove unecessary function argument  in vmwareapi LP: 1171376
     - [71e39dc] Cannot boot Nova as quantum throws 404 when Floating IP
       extension unavailable LP: 1163670
     - [0f4c3f9] sql_connection not marked secret LP: 1160680
     - [c118890] _error_out_instance_on_exception not playing well with eventlet
       LP: 1163552
     - [308e721] Fix a typo in attach_interface error path
     - [44d42e2] libvirt: use_cow_images=false and force_raw_images=false broken
       LP: 1163009
     - [99b77cc] migrate/resize failed in same host with powervm driver
       LP: 1161226
     - [994ed95] Live-migration leaves instance in MIGRATING state if scheduler
       fails to find a host LP: 1166771
     - [c244d66] Instances deleted during migration cause exception in
       _destroy_evacuated_instances LP: 1155152
     - [54fd249] nova net-list not return network uuid but id instead LP: 1162409
     - [b2ec668] legacy_net_info guard incompatible with new-style NetworkInfo
       LP: 1164152
     - [8859914] Security groups may be unavailable
     - [3861f8c] Correctly handle an empty dnsmasq --domain LP: 1161506
     - [da1763b] Don't join metadata twice in instance_get_all()
     - [bcd02dd] Instance joins with system_metadata are critically slow
       LP: 1164737
     - [e93ea66] Optimize resource tracker queries for instances
     - [fd66545] Set defaultbranch in .gitreview to stable/grizzly

Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 12:10:35 +0100
Changed-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com> 
Published-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com>

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