[ubuntu-cloud-archive/grizzly-proposed] nova (Accepted)

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 20 08:13:47 UTC 2013

 nova (1:2013.1.2-0ubuntu1~cloud0) precise-grizzly; urgency=low
   * New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 nova (1:2013.1.2-0ubuntu1) raring-proposed; urgency=low
   * Dropped patches, applied upstream:
     - debian/patches/CVE-2013-2096.patch: [a4fc0c8]
   * Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (8c136a8e) (LP: #1188788):
     - [8c136a8] instance_type data cannot be extracted from sys_meta after
       instance deleted LP: 1185190
     - [6556344] Some nova.tests.integrated.test_api_samples.Hypervisors* tests
       fail when run as single test LP: 1177802
     - [bc35dba] Make nova.virt.fake.FakeDriver useable in integration testing
     - [ab51ac6] Cannot resize instance if base image is not available
       LP: 1160773
     - [4933c15] FC attach code doesn't discover multipath device LP: 1180497
     - [605ea6f] Failure to snapshot backend LP: 1166160
     - [ec335d0] bug in get_instance_security_groups() if security group has no
       name LP: 1182738
     - [fdb33fb] Traceback from cinderclient in nova-api log for BadRequest
       errors LP: 1098048
     - [de50a5a] vmwareapi: Add supported_instances to host state
     - [129d118] ERROR: test_resize_server_revert BuildErrorException LP: 1161529
     - [e05cf67] EC2 API throws stacktrace if adding security group rule that
       already exists LP: 1180973
     - [158f003] The hypervisor_hostname is not updated after live migration
       LP: 1173376
     - [b4d8cfe] variable referenced before assignment in vmwareapi code
       LP: 1177689
     - [40f3eed] Some Compute API methods unnecessarily alter the vm_state.
       LP: 1158509
     - [d4bed18] Cannot resize a volume backed instance booted without an image
       LP: 1182114
     - [bba57e9] nova interface-attach fails with quantum LP: 1171636
     - [e0a8bdd] InstanceMetadata content can be None LP: 1163598
     - [5094e83] nova coverage create lots empty folders even with coverage
       extension disabled LP: 1169005
     - [76eb8f7] ZooKeeper servicegroup driver is trying to import module by
       wrong name LP: 1177776
     - [b8c4346] Inconsistent connectivity between instances with floating IPs
       LP: 1178745
     - [726ae59] race condition between delete instance(with floating ip
       associated) and delete floating ip LP: 1172599
     - [498ce52] Don't swallow missing SR error LP: 1175357
     - [be0a14a] Nic Ordering not guaranteed with nova-network API LP: 1170725
     - [3c84539] Detach volume fails when using multipath iscsi LP: 1178893
     - [fc5c6ec] Quantum Security Group driver doesn't accept none value for
       from_port & to _port LP: 1176027
     - [784b6e4] ERROR in log when rebooting too soon after a reboot LP: 1157237
     - [3b52002] Resize revert operations fail with stack traces LP: 1180111
     - [25f2025] Live migration fails when the instance booted from volume has no
       image. LP: 1170596
     - [1ffab28] internal service AZ not hidden for disabled zones LP: 1167956
     - [c532f7a] Key error thrown when create lpar instance failed LP: 1173303
     - [a35e0f4] soft delete values in InstanceSystemMetadata on instance delete
       LP: 1153827
     - [1a682a5] Restarting compute service mistakenly reboots live instance
       LP: 1176897
     - [a4fc0c8] [OSSA 2013-012] Unchecked qcow2 root disk sizes LP: 1177830
     - [4226aa9] Nova evacuate failed when the VM is in shutoff status
       LP: 1176773
     - [687cd67] floating ip assignment can fail silently LP: 1178658
     - [5358ee9] when using multi_host and update_dns_entries dnsmasq is missing
       addn-hosts arg LP: 1170529
     - [325ab8f] wrong instance bdm response in ec2 api LP: 1165973

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 10:01:27 -0700
Changed-By: Adam Gandelman <adamg at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Adam Gandelman
Published-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com>

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