[ubuntu-cloud-archive/havana-proposed] ceph (Accepted)

Dave Walker (Daviey) DaveWalker at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 4 08:14:59 UTC 2013

 ceph (0.61.4-0ubuntu1~cloud0) precise-havana; urgency=low
   * New upstream release for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
 ceph (0.61.4-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low
   * New upstream release:
     - d/p/upstart-tidy.patch: Dropped; included upstream.
     - debian/*: Sync relevant upstream packaging changes.
   * d/rules: Enabled radosgw upstart configurations.

Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 12:39:22 +0100
Changed-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: James Page <james.page at ubuntu.com> 
Published-By: Dave Walker (Daviey) <DaveWalker at ubuntu.com>

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