Next Release of Checkbox (Week #26 Release Candidate) available in Testing PPA

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Wed Jun 30 20:58:56 UTC 2021

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

- checkbox-ng 1.14.0rc1
- checkbox-support 0.51.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-resource 0.49.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.59.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.46.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-tpm2 1.17.0rc1

Please help testing this version.
**Bug fixes*


- New Eddystone beacon tests (based on beacontools) - improved reliability


+ Bump to v1.14.0rc1
+ Fix: don't crash on no buildstamp info
+ Fix: slugify test plan name for export
+ fix: make checkbox-support optional for ver. check
+ exporters:multi-page.html: Fix the dropdown list default selected item
+ Fix the XDG strategy by prefixing the Exec cmd 
with 'sh -c'
+ increment version to v1.14.0.dev0
+ share PERL5LIB in target execution environment

+ Bump to v0.51.0rc1
+ add python3-bluez requirement in deb-core
+ Remove check for 'ubuntu' in eddystone beacon url
+ parsers:tests:udev: Add test & data for lp:1927209
+ parsers:udevadm: Fix the logic to discard non-removable partitions on UC20
+ Replace python-construct with v2.10.53 for py3.5 compatibility
+ Use new test
+ Remove aioblescan and add beacontools and deps
+ Change: update unit tests for snap_utils/config
+ Fix: allow keys not in config_vars to set
+ increment version to v0.51.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.46.0rc1
+ Add: get checkbox-ng deps from deb not pypi
+ Remove: desktop 16.04 test plans as now EOL
+ increment version to v0.46.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.59.0rc1
+ Change: check correctness of model grade instead of just checking if 
it's not set to 'dangerous'
+ Fix: fail buildstamp jobs on core when N/A
+ Change sosreport to sos report as the former is being deprecated. lp: 
+ Change: resource manage the key temp dir
+ Fix problem with distribution codenames in virtualization test
+ Remove: firmware-uc20-fde checks
+ modify description for power-button-event
+ unit/serial: fix the necessary bootstrap missing in serial-automated plan
+ modify descriptions for bt4-keyboard, dim_brightness & 
+ Change: support kvm_check_vm test on Ubuntu Core
+ bin/ will not fail on ZFS related modules, which 
we expect to be there lp: #1908129
+ Change: fde/encryption/detect passes without type
+ units:serial: Add a packaging metadata unit to depend on python3-serial
+ update touchscreen/drag-and-drop test description
+ Add: check package cstate during short idle
+ Add: flag to to inhibit toggling of IFs
+ Fix: run necessery bootstrapping in eth TPs
+ Add: nested test plans for virtualization tests
+ Change: make verify_lxd usable on Ubuntu Core
+ Add: test-snap-confinement-mode to test plan
+ Add: snap confinement test job and script
+ increment version to v0.59.0.dev0
+ Fix: make parts_meta_info_attachment work for all
+ Fix: lspci_attachment fails when no pci bus
+ Fix removable_storage_test to work on arm
+ Fix: dont attempt to attach cstates_results on arm
+ Change: align all wifi AP jobs to use category wifi_ap
+ Change: net_if_mgmt selects master mode tests

+ Bump to v0.49.0rc1
+ Fix: recognize USB3.1 as USB3
+ jobs/resource.pxu: add additional Power arch string to prevent trying 
to install dmidecode on Power systems. lp: #1932208
+ increment version to v0.49.0.dev0
+ Add: net_if_mgmt resource includes master mode

+ Bump to v1.17.0rc1
+ clevis.pxu: Use larger random strings and print out some info msg
+ packaging.pxu: Add a dependency on clevis-tpm2 (20.04)
+ Add clevis-tpm2 jobs (encrypt/decrypt with RSA/ECC key algorithms)
+ Add a new resource job to report tpm2 capabilities (algs and pcr banks)
+ increment version to v1.17.0.dev0
+ Change: manifest wording from chip to support


Sylvain Pineau

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