New Checkbox release available in our Stable PPA! (2021-01-26)

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Tue Jan 26 09:35:19 UTC 2021

Hello all!

A new release of Checkbox is available in the stable PPA:

It includes a new version of the following components:

- checkbox-ng 1.12.0
- checkbox-provider-gpgpu 0.3.0
- checkbox-support 0.49.0
- plainbox-provider-resource 0.47.0
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.56.0
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.44.0
- plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.52.0
- plainbox-provider-sru 1.21.0
- plainbox-provider-tpm2 1.15.0

*Bug fixes*


- Added new manifest entries for watchdog and camera


+ Bump to v0.44.0
+ Bump to v0.44.0rc1
+ Remove manual tests from client-cert-auto test plan
+ add dmesg_attachment job to iot test plans
+ client-cert-iot-*: add serial-automated to all
+ client-cert-iot-*: establish IoT test plans
+ README: add advice on file naming
+ Update the client-cert-auto test plan
+ units/touchpad: move into driver test file
+ units/*: renames based on programme
+ increment version to v0.44.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.52.0
+ Bump to v0.52.0rc1
+ Establish test plan for certifying Ubuntu Core
+ change the KVM cloud image name we check during precheck to the new 
style lp: #1902145
+ Fixed precheck bug if lvmdiskscan is not available lp: #1878701
+ increment version to v0.52.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.3.0
+ Bump to v0.3.0rc1
+ tools/gpu-setup: don't install recommends when installing cuda, avoids 
installing gdm3 lp: #1906426
+ increment version to v0.3.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.56.0
+ Bump to v0.56.0rc1
+ remove outdated wifi manual test cases from wireless-manual test plan
+ ubuntucore/*: Create new jobs to test recovey and reinstall on UC20 1. 
Create a new category 'ubuntucore' 2. Add manual jobs: 
'os-reinstall-mode' and 'os-recovery-mode'
+ Also remove the ones in snappy-snap-manual-with-refresh-control
+ fix wrong mode of
+ Remove snap-refresh/revert/reupdate which already automated
+ bin/ properly open files so that they close once 
read lp: #1896119
+ prioritize the path to specific-to-generic
+ Separate submission-cert-full since device_check is a manual test
+ Fix exception handling class in bin/, ensuring 
unsupported systems warn and exit cleanly. lp: 1910278
+ Rebase the new test coverage from Sylvain
+ bin/ update table with Cooper Lake CPUIDs lp: #1904965
+ Add test cases for
+ add 2 new paths for info/buildstamp
+ Enabled quiet mode for cpufreq_test job..
+ Changed upper bound to 150% passing tolerance (per discussion w/ JeffL).
+ Add a timeout (200s) to the 'nmcli up' subprocess
+ networking: dont run predicatable_names on pi
+ watchdog/*: add detect job to complement manifest
+ Removed unnecessary logic with startup governor reset.
+ improve the regular expression of ping result
+ Remove some unnecessary tests from the regression test planes lp: #1905051
+ stress/cpu_stress_ng_test: add environ: so that users can override the 
default runtime correctly lp: #1905813
+ add monitor vga manual test
+ firmware/*: jobs to check UC20 FDE compatibility
+ socketcan/*: fix EFF ID flag on 32 bit arch
+ kernel-snap: require kernel path for booted-kernel
+ Updated cpu/jobs.pxu, cpu/testplan.pxu to point to new server cpufreq 
scaling test.
+ Remove s390x from cpu/jobs.pxu:cpu_topology. lp: 1852643
+ Grant the permission to daisy-chain test
+ watchdog/*: move watchdog tests behind a manifest
+ audio/jobs: Use a new audio/detect_sinks_sources as depends job to 
audio/alsa_record_playback_automated Fixed 
audio/alsa_record_playback_automated always returns passed result even 
when there's no valid PulseAudio element.
+ Add more message when the low power idle job failed
+ Fix missing _fan_paths
+ make snap tests not require a particular system state
+ fix exit code, add core20
+ camera/roundtrip-qrcode_*: reduce the size of QR codes
+ Just use tty0 for camera/roundtrip-qrcode_* tests
+ Fix the exception if hwmon isn't controlled by PCI
+ Remove unreliable checking for hwmon/fan_*
+ Warn w/o traceback if cpufreq testing unsupported.
+ detect the active tty
+ Make sure all fan(s) are controllable before using
+ Add `imports` fields so that `manifest.has_usb_storage` can be used
+ Skip after-suspend-usb*/storage-preinserted when DUT lacks USB drive
+ Remove suspend/usb*_storage_preinserted_after_suspend jobs
+ Delete units/suspend/manifest.pxu
+ Skip suspend/usb_storage_preinserted_after_suspend when DUT lacks USB 
+ wwan/jobs: remove requirement for core snap
+ Added support for ARM64 Big-Little architecture.
+ unit: Add test job to validate power button event filtering (LP: #1877084)
+ submission:raw_devices_dmi_json: Add the boot mode info to the BIOS dict
+ src/clocktest.c: output is a little more informative now lp: #1900448
+ Add touchpad EV_ABS ABS_MT_TOOL capability check (LP: #1899879)
+ Changed driver logic to include ARM systems, now working successfully 
on Raspberry Pi (tested on 3 and 4 w/ Buster). Removed time buffer on 
frequency increment during scaling test. Made arguments case-insensitive.
+ fix lp:1893161 xrandr_screens_after_suspend.tar.gz_auto
+ bin/ Fix the "Unable to control recording volume..." bug
+ Corrected old list variable name artifact within append_max_min() 
helper fn in CpuFreqTest __init__
+ stress: Run stress-ng cpu and memory tests using systemd-inhibit
+ stress:s3s4: Fallback to rtcwake if fwts s3 is not supported (e.g on arm)
+ wireless/*: depend on net_if_mgmt resource again
+ bin/booted_kernel_tests: kernel name for uc20
+ units:camera: Use camera/detect{,-rpi} as depends jobs for 
+ units:camera: Use a new manifest to trigger the camera/detect job, 
+ Add support for MTD (Flash) devices
+ increment version to v0.56.0.dev0
+ Added missing fail_count increment in dict comp. fn conditional.
+ Dict comprehension additions, variable name cleanup, increased PEP 
+ Create new cpufreq scaling test for frequency scaling and governor 
configuration testing. Replaces ‘’ lp: 

+ Bump to v0.47.0
+ Bump to v0.47.0rc1
+ add watchdog to know categories
+ bootloader_resource: only check for series on UC
+ bin:graphics_card_resource: Properly handle deviecs w/o vendor_id
+ bootloader_resource: update paths for UC20
+ snapd_resource: UC20 always extracts kernel
+ snapd_resoure: use checkbox-support asserts
+ increment version to v0.47.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.21.0
+ Bump to v1.21.0rc1
+ Remove `pts` from new sru-server test plan
+ Add sru-server test plan
+ Use after-suspend-usb/storage-preinserted instead of 
+ increment version to v1.21.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.15.0
+ Bump to v1.15.0rc1
+ tpm2.0_4.1.1: add checking the TPM_PT_CONTEXT_GAP_MAX value
+ tpm2.0_4.1.1: flushcontext avoiding reach GAP max limitation
+ increment version to v1.15.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.12.0
+ Bump to v1.12.0rc1
+ HACKING: add note on building docs
+ pmr: update the RTD trigger to use new webhook
+ docs: update install cmds in "testing snappy" doc
+ docs: add nested_part definition to test-plan unit
+ Fix `checkbox-cli check-config` throwing `AttributeError`
+ checkbox_cli: Deprecate remote subcommands
+ urwid_ui: New ASCIIScreen class to render widgets w/o escape codes
+ Fix more typos
+ remote_assistant: PEP8 fixes
+ remote_assistant: Add existing dbus process env var to the target user 
execution env
+ Add `python3-tqdm` to dependency list in
+ Fix some typos
+ Turn "Ignoring job with missing template parameter" in to a 
debug msg
+ resource: Don't raise AttributeError when parsing resource expressions
+ increment version to v1.12.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.49.0
+ Bump to v0.49.0rc1
+ parsers/udevadm: add WATCHDOG category
+ Fix mmc-insert and maybe more on UC
+ return None when trying to list particular non-installed snap
+ turn HTTPErrors into graceful exceptions
+ patch os.path.isfile too
+ patch '' instead of the module's one
+ remove stuff that should not have landed
+ fixed the bad argparse argument
+ add unit tests for the sysfs_usb module
+ defer the loading of default usb.ids
+ add an entry point to the new lsusb
+ fix unmatched parenthesis
+ fix decoding of the product
+ change trimming of roots
+ add legacy output formats
+ defer usb_ids db creation; forward usb_ids path
+ snap_utils/tests: add more asserts test data
+ snap_utils/asserts: handle no kernel/gadget info
+ snap_utils/asserts: print store field in model
+ add replacement for old, bad, and difficult to work with
+ snap_utils/asserts: handle old pyyaml versions
+ snap_utils/system: use new asserts functions
+ snap_utils/asserts: create new assertion parser
+ parsers:tests:udev: Add DRI/VIDEO tests for arm devices
+ parsers:udev: Consider all /dev/dri/card* as valid VIDEO devices
+ parsers:udevadm: Add tests for checking no M2M devices are set as 
CAPTURE on rpi
+ parsers:udevadm: Ignore raspberrypi memory to memory (M2M) devices
+ increment version to v0.49.0.dev0
+ snap_utils/tests: enable snap_utils unit testing
+ snap_utils/tests: fix unit tests


Sylvain Pineau

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