New Checkbox release available in our Stable PPA! (2020-06-09)

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Tue Jun 9 15:00:59 UTC 2020

Hello all!

A new release of Checkbox is available in the stable PPA:

It includes a new version of the following components:

- checkbox-ng 1.9.0
- checkbox-support 0.47.0
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.54.0
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.42.0
- plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.50.0
- plainbox-provider-sru 1.19.0
- plainbox-provider-tpm2 1.14.0
- checkbox-provider-phoronix 0.7.0

*Bug fixes*


+ Bump to v1.14.0
+ Bump to v1.14.0rc1
+ tpm2.0_4.1.1: Add a PCR0 mismatch test
+ increment version to v1.14.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.54.0
+ Bump to v0.54.0rc3
+ Bump to v0.54.0rc2
+ Bump to v0.54.0rc1
+ suspend-graphics: add rotation after suspend test case and add it into 
graphic test plan. lp: #1811948
+ networking: limit predictable name test by release
+ New fingerprint reader tests (20.04/fprintd)
+ networking: test for predictable interface names
+ Updated get_ipmi_channel() to skip invalid IPMI channels.
+ Updated _process_exec() conditionals with more appropriate evaluation 
+ Updated conditional in get_ipmi_channel() to match similar methods.
+ units/cpu: add nested testplan for Server LP: #1879390
+ Major refactor for: helper fn and __init__ cleanup, docstrings added 
and removed ipmi_locate() and its helper.
+ bin/network: changed failure output to be a little more explicit. lp: 
+ fix a crash in freq gov. test if the scaling_available_frequencies 
file is NA
+ Revised calls to external programs in check-prerelease script
+ Fix check-prerelease script to deal with removal of Supported line 
from apt-cache output
+ bin/removable_storage_test: add uid check so script is only run as 
root. lp: #1876966
+ bin/frequency_governors_test, bin/removable_storage_test: address 
SyntaxWarning errors. lp: #1876965
+ Made ipmi_locate() informational for the time being. Getting segfaults 
w/ some Focal systems, and Jeff has opened a bug w/ FreeIPMI.
+ * Sink device name changed to Hdmi in DMIC. (LP: #1875526)
+ Work around problem of mediacard/sd-preinserted-server being called 
+ Using abstraction base class Callable under (LP: 
+ PEP8 spacing correction.
+ Minor refactor of ipmi_channel().
+ Enhanced ipmi driver retrival, cleaned up output formatting & syntax, 
fixed multiple helper fn logic.
+ Add the missing for job dock/mac-address-passthrough
+ Minor syntax correction for PEP8 compliance.
+ Added support for multiple IPMI driver types (at once), cleaned up 
ipmi_channel/_hlpr, syntax cleanup. -lp:#1874629
+ ethernet: fix SO_BINDTODEVICE permissions errors
+ increment version to v0.54.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.50.0
+ Bump to v0.50.0rc1
+ units: modify all testplans to use nested CPU testplan. LP: 1879390
+ /launcher: removed certify-advanced launcher lp: #1875975
+ tools/c-c-precheck: CPUFreq_Check dumps stderr to dev/null, remove 
unnecessary search for frequency_governors_test. lp: #1874850
+ Fix certify-vm-20.04 to enforce testplan and test selection. lp: #1874889
+ increment version to v0.50.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.9.0
+ Bump to v1.9.0rc1
+ remote_assistant: Reset the normal_user from metadata when resuming 
+ session:remote_assistant: add update_app_blob
+ properly handle report stage exceptions on master
+ make sure that sigint is un-ignored
+ fix crashing when slave runs a second session
+ session:assistant make manifest path user agnostic
+ remote_assistant: Remote API bump 10 -> 11
+ urwid_ui: don't use dict get(), rpyc keeps netrefs on it
+ remote_assistant: json serialize the get_jobs_repr() output
+ master: Suppress costly call to logger.debug (listing test plans over 
+ increment version to v1.9.0.dev0

+ Bump to v1.19.0
+ Bump to v1.19.0rc2
+ Bump to v1.19.0rc1
+ Only requires checkbox-provider-phoronix on amd64 (p-p-sru deb package 
is now arch: any)
+ increment version to v1.19.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.7.0
+ Bump to v0.7.0rc2
+ fix encode mp3 test
+ Bump to v0.7.0rc1
+ strip out .phoronix-test-suite when extracting
+ add verbosity to the prepare-nest job
+ remove references to PTS_PRELOAD_PATH
+ make dependencies apply only to amd64
+ move to better caching mechanics
+ increment version to v0.7.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.42.0
+ Bump to v0.42.0rc1
+ Add fingerprint-full to client-cert-20-04
+ increment version to v0.42.0.dev0

+ Bump to v0.47.0
+ Bump to v0.47.0rc1
+ Add test_DMIC_port_with_blank_space, test_DMIC_sinks, 
test_DMIC_pactl_list_cards_x13 testcases
+ Add test_desktop_bionic_x13 in
+ * Let port-name support the blank space. (LP: #1875526) * The name of 
port-label changed, so the way to detect HDMI/DP should be changed. (LP: 
+ increment version to v0.47.0.dev0


Sylvain Pineau

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