Next Release of Checkbox (Week #19 Release Candidate) available in Testing PPA

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Fri May 10 09:38:16 UTC 2019

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

- checkbox-ng 1.4.0rc1
- checkbox-support 0.41.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-resource 0.40.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.48.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-tpm2 1.10.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.37.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.42.0rc1

Please help testing this version.

*Bug fixes*


+ socket_hack: remove storing of the later unused var
+ subcommand: move socket hack to a more suitable place
+ subcommands: change socket hack target to localhost
+ commands: fix descriptions of slave and master commands
+ assistant: print a path from which provider got sideloaded
+ remote: mention --port in the docs
+ remote: bump remote API version
+ po: Update ( split)
+ remote: add support for custom port
+ assistant: change clearing history to override last result
+ assistant: add a way to rewrite job_result history
+ remote: fix crashing of the slave when resuming silent sessions
+ restart: fsync resume marker file
+ remote: change 'remote-service' to 'slave' in resume_cmd
+ remote: fix crash in the report stage
+ remote: make RemoteAssistant forward info about side-loaded provs
+ remote: split into and
+ remote_assistant: add plugin to job repr
+ remote_assistant: fix ugly string formatting
+ stages: skip interactive jobs in silent sessions
+ rerun: fix remote manual rerun and fix reruns on failed deps
+ unit: drop invariant validator for environment field
+ subcommands: allow provider sideload with run
+ Move report skipping to ReportsStage
+ rerun: fix rerunning of jobs that were skipped b/c of failed dep
+ assistant: move get_rerun_candidates to SA
+ remote: improve auto-rerun logic
+ subcommands: move get_rerun_candidates to MainLoop
+ subcommands: refactor-out unnecessary rerunningh bits
+ subcommands: move auto-retry predicate to the right place
+ subcommands: enable custom predicates for generating rerun list
+ subcommands: move job proxy generator to MainLoopStage
+ test_provider_manager: update unit tests
+ provider-tools: entry point w/ behaviour
+ remote: typo fix in resume code
+ remote: fix auto-resuming last session
+ exporters:checkbox.html: Bundle image attachments in the html report 
+ exporters:checkbox.json: Only process text attachments
+ result: Add the io_log_as_base64 method to attach pictures to reports
+ result: Add the img_type property to identify pictures
+ exporters:checkbox.html: Bundle image attachments in the html report 
+ exporters:checkbox.json: Only process text attachments
+ result: Add the io_log_as_base64 method to attach pictures to reports
+ result: Add the img_type property to identify pictures
+ manifest: print provider name in manifest job
+ session:remote_assistant: Bump API version (4->5)
+ remote: Add urwid screen when slave is resuming a session
+ remote: Enhance run_jobs with resumed_session_info data
+ session:remote_assistant: Add the get_job_result method
+ session:remote_assistant: Save the launcher in the session app_blob
+ session:remote_assistant: Add the resume_by_id method
+ remote: Add missing header before displaying results
+ remote: Properly render stderr stream lines in red
+ session:restart: Add the RemoteSnappyRestartStrategy
+ session:assistant: Don't reset running_job_name
+ assistant: Allow configs to be reloaded when resuming sessions
+ remote_assistant: Fix logger name
+ remote: fix basic --resume on remote slave
+ remote: prevent multiple slave processes
+ setup: make xlsx a regular dependency
+ increment version to v1.4.0.dev0
+ assistant: don't rely on default decode for bytes
+ launcher: session_title, session_desc values
+ remote: Add support for failed jobs auto-retry

+ parsers:tests:pactl: Update unit tests
+ parsers:pactl: Add support for PA_UCM_PRE_TAG(s)
+ snap_utils: add convenience functions in
+ Remove left over debug from snap_connect
+ Rework snap_connect script to use snapd class
+ Rework config utils to use Snapd class
+ Create importable snapd class w/ common operations
+ Remove unused snap_configuration script
+ udisk2: add UDisks2 Loop object
+ Added test validation to avoid attempting to run tests that are not 
available on a given arch. Minor output tweaks to improve readability. 
LP: #1815132

+ ubuntu_core_features: new resource for product features
+ Use Snapd API from checkbox support
+ model_assertion: handle tracks for gadget/kernel
+ Fix the rtc resource job to check for /proc/driver/rtc instead of sysfs

+ net_driver_info: collect any dmesg for wifi module
+ hotkey_tests: two scenarios: volume up and ctrl+alt+t
+ bin/maas-version-check: add a little extra output on failure, updated 
copyright. lp: #1825862
+ fixed an errant newline in units/ethernet/test-plan.pxu that was 
breaking the new launcher
+ Add new test definition for underspeed enabled network test. Add new 
test plans for embedding.
+ Modify Dock MAC address passthrough test
+ nm-hotspot: new nmcli hotspot tests
+ units:wireless: Fix nm_connection_save/restore ids (category->interface)
+ Modified disk_stats_test to exit with success and a notice if we run 
on an NVDIMM as NVDIMMs disable iostats by default. LP: #1818898
+ providers:checkbox: better handle unexpected times in sleep_time_check
+ removable_storage_test: ignore loop devices
+ ethernet: network_device_info detect/info changes
+ wireless: sleep on failure to request rescan
+ units:oob: Fix comments syntax
+ Added new GPGPU tests for cert. LP: #1815621
+ modify indentation to consistent with the rest
+ stress: add summaries for the 30 suspend cycles jobs
+ stress: Add "30 suspend cycles and 1 poweroff, 3 times" jobs
+ stress: Use automated suspend job for 'suspend_30_cycles_with_reboots' job
+ wireless: bracket nested tp with save/restore jobs
+ wireless: new NM connection save/restore jobs
+ led: update cert test plan to 18.04 coverage guide
+ storage_test: bad variable name in partition check
+ Changes to be committed: modified: units/graphics/test-plan.pxu 
Replace {index}_switch_card_{product_slug}_xenial with 
{index}_auto_switch_card_{product_slug}. Rename test id “_xenial” with 
+ improved output on stress-ng tests to better catch and explain timeout 
return codes. LP: #1812262

+ pmr: don't trigger checkbox-snappy builds on merge

+ Remove deb-core packages

+ remove launchers and testplans for 14.04 lp: #1827271
+ Updated all testplans to use the correct embedded ethernet test plan 
to resolve issue with over-greedy wildcards. lp: #1827266
+ added new launcher and testplans to allow for network retests without 
speed check. lp: #1723460
+ Added a testflinger sample launcher that is fully automated, including 
submitting to C3
+ Added launcher to run GPU tests only
+ Added first version of gpu-setup script to assist in configuring for 
testing GPUs LP: #1815621


Sylvain Pineau

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