Next Release of Checkbox (Week #30 Release Candidate) available in Testing PPA

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Tue Jul 24 08:56:17 UTC 2018

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

- checkbox-ng 1.2.0rc1
- checkbox-support 0.39.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-resource 0.38.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.46.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-sru 1.12.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-tpm2 1.8.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.35.0rc1
- plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.40.0rc1

Please help testing this version.


- New tpm2-tools for 18.04 based on upstream 3.0.4, bionic certification 
   plan now includes the nested part: tpm2.0_3.0.4. Please check your 
   to upgrade from "tpm2.0" nested part (xenial version) to "tpm2.0_3.0.4".

*Bug fixes*


+ add clear-cache cli option
+ add --format to list-bootstrapped
+ add handling wrapper around SA's select_providers
+ add json exporter validation
+ add --version option to checkbox-cli
+ allow jobs to leave outcome info for auto-resume resolution
+ assistant: make run_job reentrant
+ checkbox-ng: autopep8 unused imports on checkbox-ng
+ checkbox-ng:restart: Don't use the systemd service unit on classic
+ ctrl: warn if can't access sudoers dir
+ docs: add chapter about Checkbox Remote
+ exporters:json: Add session title and job category names (instead of ids)
+ exporters: make html report snap-aware
+ fix and improve `list all-jobs` and `list-bootstrapped` subcmds
+ fix controller exiting after selcting tp
+ fix crash when resuming a session started with checkbox-cli run
+ Fix typo in remove-deb-core.txt
+ get rid of CheckBoxInvocationMixIn
+ jinja2: ensure <3.6 compatibility in validation
+ jinja2: make Jinja2SessionStateExporter.__init__ more pythonic
+ list-bootstrap: fill templates in id field
+ List test jobs only in the pie chart rather than all jobs
+ make preserve-locale the default behavior
+ migrate `checkbox-config` subcmd to checkbox_ng
+ migrate classes implementing 'run' to checkbox_ng
+ migrate get_os_release to packaging
+ migrate `startprovider` subcmd to checkbox_ng
+ Opportunistic cleanups on
+ plainbox: missing shlex import in packaging
+ plainbox: remove `dev analyze` subcmd
+ plainbox: remove `dev crash` subcmd
+ plainbox: remove `device` subcmd
+ plainbox: remove `dev list` subcmd
+ plainbox: remove `dev logtest` subcmd
+ plainbox: remove `dev special` subcmd
+ plainbox: remove script cmd
+ plainbox: remove `self-test` subcmd
+ po: update
+ properly handle passwordless sudo from !classic snaps
+ remote: add option to abandon session from the master
+ remote: add server import from rpyc
+ remote: add support for interactive jobs
+ remote: add support for jobs with simple description (not the P/S/V trio)
+ remote: add terminate callback to Assistant2
+ remote: check if the remote API version match
+ remote: correct the remote-ends on interrupt screen
+ remote: exit gracefully when master doesn't select any TP
+ remote: fix master crashing when TP generated no tests to choose from
+ remote: fix running sessions with forced selections
+ remote: handle ctrl+c properly
+ remote: introduce the bootstrapped state
+ remote: make sudoprovider survive main loop break
+ remote: properly unlock session_change_lock
+ remote: rename SA2 to RemoteSessionAssistant
+ remote: rename service and controller to slave and master
+ remote: use TestsSelected state instead of Bootstrapped
+ remove standalone plainbox-qml-shell command
+ Seperate regular tests and the others in html report
+ session: optimize creation of throwaway session managers
+ subcommands: Load and call the socket module getaddrinfo
+ units: rename 'neuter-locale' flag to 'reset-locale'
+ units: rename 'neuter-locale' flag to 'reset-locale'
+ unit:testplan: Allow all automated jobs in bootstrap_include, not only 
+ unit:testplan: Store bootstrap job ids in a list to preserve ordering
+ Update html report session title description
+ urwid: add widget for handling ctrl+c interrupt
+ use try_selecting_providers in subcommands
+ version: add function reporting components' version
+ xlsx: fix typo in comment
+ xlsx: replace fugly magic numbers in write_systeminfo
+ xlsx: write checkbox version info

+ Add new category for SOCKETCAN interfaces
+ fwts: add securebootcert to the qa whitelist
+ parsers:pactl: Add support for empty properties (found in bionic pactl 
+ parsers:pactl: test update with pactl 1.11 sample
+ rollback change to get_udev_xhci_devices that was not necessary
+ Some devices (NVMe) return None for device_file in udev. This causes a 
traceback. lp: #1770352

+ Ensure all jobs have a summary for display in gui
+ resource:fwts: Use to be snap-friendly
+ snapd_resource: Add status property to the snap fields
+ snapd_resource: Ignore KeyError when listing snaps

+ Add disk encryption test
+ Added new test to fail if a pre-release kernel or OS is in use.
+ add monitor tests to the after-suspend bunch
+ Add secure boot test for Ubuntu Core
+ Add summaries where missing to common jobs
+ add type-c -> hdmi and type-c -> vga jobs
+ add usb type-c to ethernet test
+ bin:cycle_vts: Add support for gdm virtual terminals
+ bin:disk_info: Add support for encrypted drives
+ bin: Enforce versions with gi.require_version in python3 scripts
+ bin:keyboard_test: Fix import/require order
+ camera: remove depends on obsolete gst 0.10
+ camera: remove legacy test, requires for ubuntucore
+ Changes to new check-prerelease script to make it less verbose on 
success, as per Jeff's suggestion.
+ cpu: split arm vfp test between arch versions
+ Create socketcan category
+ Create socketcan tests
+ disk: import test-plans from p-p-snappy
+ disk_read_performance_test: Make the threshold configurable
+ Fixed bug caused by an unassigned variable. Also modified a test 
failure message to make it a bit clearer.
+ graphics: Look for Xorg logs in $HOME on systems where X is running as 
non root
+ make BT4 a blocker and BT3 non-blocker
+ Make ethernet hotplug tests cert blockers in networking-cert-manual 
test plan
+ make forwarding xhci info easier
+ manage_compiz_plugin: Use dconf instead of gsettings
+ mark TB3 tests as blockers and legacy TB as non-bl.
+ Migrate ethernet jobs from p-p-s to p-p-c
+ Modified IPMI test based on discussions in Portland LP: #1775949
+ New Bluetooth LE test to check beacon measurement notifications
+ pm_test: fix crash on SUT with missing lightdm.conf
+ pm_test: introduce dry-run mode
+ pm_test: make jobs that use pm_test dry-run aware
+ pm_test: Unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PYTHONPATH and PYTHONHOME to start 
system terminal
+ pm_test: verify that fwts suspended appropriate num. of times
+ Remove argv passing, neater argument check
+ Remove unnecessary use of regex
+ socketcan: modify category display name
+ stop testing for version in dmitest on servers lp: #1760632
+ suspend.pxu: fix the iperf test
+ units:disks: Ensure no bad chars in test summaries
+ units:mediacard.pxu: Add __on_ubuntucore__ jinja2 condition blocks
+ units:suspend.pxu: checkbox.ini -> checkbox.conf
+ units: update some requirements to use instead of
+ Use valid machine types in platform tests
+ wireless: Use executable resource in monitor_wireless_connection.* jobs
+ xrandr_cycle: fix testing of weird resolutions

+ add 802.11ac test cases to SRU test plan
+ Add remove-deb-base.txt for mk-env
+ Align SRU wifi tests by adding 802.11ac test cases to UC16 SRU test plan

+ Add tpm2-tools 3.0.4 integration tests and corresponding jobs/test plans
+ Use tpm2_getpubak on UC and classic (thanks to 

+ New 18.04 Client Certification test plan

+ Add check-prerelease test for server test units.
+ Demoted optical drive tests from blocking to non-blocking in all 
whitelists LP: #1775077


Sylvain Pineau

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