New Checkbox release available in our Stable PPA! (2017-10-24)

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Tue Oct 24 15:04:03 UTC 2017

Hello all!

A new release of Checkbox is available in the stable PPA:

It includes a new version of the following components:

- checkbox-support 0.36.0
- plainbox 0.37.0
- checkbox-ng 0.35.0
- plainbox-provider-resource 0.34.0
- plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.40.0
- plainbox-provider-sru 1.9.0
- plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.32.0
- plainbox-provider-certification-server 0.36.0


+ scripts:fwts_test: Set the default FWTS failure level to critical
+ fix the key value for processor count on s390x LP: #1709892
+ parsers:udevadm: Report the current usb hub version using the bus property
   (PARTITION only)

+ Correct the /api/v1/submission endpoint
+ urwid_ui: get rid of SA references in the UI code
+ checkbox-cli run: handle job instatiation in this mode
+ checkbox-cli run: add support for --resume
+ checkbox-cli run: configure restart strategy
+ add mention of __checkbox_respawn to the docs
+ make auto-resuming pass last run job

+ Handle dots in username the same as snapd in 
+ SA: allow sa.hand_pick_jobs in the main loop
+ allow running jobs after resuming testplanless session
+ mark hand-picked sessions with flags so they can be resumed
+ add 'testplanless' flag to the session metadata
+ session:assistant: add api for TP-less job selection
+ fix crash when noreturn is used without autorestart
+ fix validation crash when run by snapcraft snap
+ write respawn_cmd in $PLAINBOX_SESSIONS_SHARE on 'noreturn' flag
+ make launchers by default include SA_RESTARTABLE
+ ctrl: Always preserve cwd to run commands on snappy

+ Add a 'true' to the command for the executable resource so it won't be 
   as failed when $PATH includes non-existant directories lp: #1711237
+ Modify executable resource using -xtype so it also collects info on 
   binaries in $PATH. lp: #1710172
+ Detect dmi if dmi data is present in sysfs using a new resource job
+ Adds a new 'supported' item to the dmi resource class, so dmidecode 
jobs can
   depend on dmi.supported = 'True' and only run on systems that show
   a /sys/devices/virtual/dmi directory indicating DMI is supported on that
   system. lp: #1705745

+ Add automated and blockers test plans meant to be used as nested parts
+ Remove more key/led tests for certification
+ Add $SNAP/usr/lib/fwts to LD_LIBRARY_PATH for all suspend jobs
+ Add Nested test plans meant to build the desktop certification test plan
+ Add cdimage, efi, environment, meminfo and module resources jobs to
+ Drop obsolete test plans (autotesting and hwsubmit)
+ Fix problem with ethernet/detect test on Cavium Thunder X that caused 
udev to
   detect Ethernet devices that were unconfigured in the firmware.
+ Fixed virtualization script to use correct URL when a URL to a .tar.gz 
   is specified as the virtualization image.
+ Remove bto and recovery json jobs from miscellanea/submission-resources
+ Translation files update
+ Update keys jobs to requires the manifest entry "has_special_keys"
+ Delete obsolete jobs (services, daemons, panel clock)
+ Move all jobs definition files into pxu units
+ Replace deprecated `description` field in touchpad jobs
+ Add after suspend jobs for related touchpad jobs
+ remove requirement for 'upstart' pkg in jobs
+ Make "after suspend" graphic jobs depending on the proper suspend job
+ Clarify manifest.has_card_reader name
+ Clocktest direction test now only fails if 3 or more iterations fail, 
   it's possible for one or more iterations to fail normally due to 
current CPU
   scheduling and load. LP: #1716422
+ make single reboot/poweroff tests fully automated
+ pm_test: use x-terminal-emulator instead of gnome-terminal
+ make poweroff tests respawn checkbox after they're done
+ add missing noreturn and autorestart flags
+ make terminal stay on the screen after rebooting
+ make pm_test respawn checkbox after it's done rebooting
+ make xrandr_cycle tool pick only the highest res for each aspect ratio
+ added the preserve-locale field.  Added extra job to attach syslog if 
   are present for further investigation
+ graphics: Add a pretest to check the opengl renderer (AMD GPU and 
+ Modify usb/detect to display all usb devices, rather than just 4, and list
   the bus info so it's easier to determine what device is on what hub
   lp: #1712435
+ Fix dmesg_attachment job to work on systems that don't have a 
   file present, such as MAAS deployments. lp: #1712103
+ Add a quick job to check syslog for call traces to be run at end of 
+ Cleaned up the network_info script output just a bit, it was running 
   together making them confusing to read when there are multiple NICs 
   lp: #1711156
+ Modified dmi related jobs for Server to use the new dmi_present.state
   resource rather than a list of architectures lp: #1706213
+ disk_stress_ng uses uuidgen
+ Add check for bc command
+ Add requires for dmi_attachment to check dmi_present resource state
+ add option to resume checkbox after the pm_test is done
+ Changes to network/iperf parallelism in response to Jeff's comments
+ Improve network test by enabling parallel iperf/iperf3 runs
   (-P option to iperf) on > 10 Gbps network connections, or by manually
   specifying via --num-threads option to network script
+ Fixed disk_smart bug that caused failure with Python traceback on some 
+ Fix bto_version for new bto.xml design

+ drop wireless_connection_udp from sru test plans
+ Add DKMS build validation to desktop SRU

+ Update IHV Touchpad test plan to use nested parts
+ Update 16.04 client certification test plan to use nested parts
+ Add "after suspend" touchpad jobs to Client 16.04 test plan
+ Add test plan and launcher for Touchpad-related tests
+ Add the opengl renderer check for AMD discrete gpu

+ Fixed canonical-certification-precheck to accept (but warn about)
   non-.img KVM image files, as used on ARM systems.
+ Modify canonical-certification-submit wrapper for Server to call 
   directly since 'checkbox' is now missing and breaks c-c-submit LP: 

*Bug fixes*

*FWTS 17.09*
Complete changelog:


Sylvain Pineau

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