Next Release of Checkbox (2017-03-10 Release Candidate) available in Testing PPA

Pierre Equoy pierre.equoy at
Mon Mar 6 09:35:14 UTC 2017

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

Please help testing this version. If everything is OK, we plan to push this
version to stable at the end of this week (Friday March 10th).

*New feature*
When using checkbox-cli, the re-run screen now shows jobs categorized by
their outcome. You can now easily navigate jobs that have been skipped,
that have failed or that have crashed. You can see a screenshot of this in
action here:


*Next Generation Checkbox (CLI) 0.32.0*
#1668130 The re-run screen should separate jobs thave have been skipped
from jobs that have failed <>

*PlainBox (Toolkit) 0.34.0*
#1663166 UnicodeDecodeError when trying to display text summary to stdout
#1639173 UnicodeDecodeError when exporting Plainbox session

*Provider for Plainbox - Checkbox 0.35.0*
#1662580 Verify KVM Guest Boots Fails with traceback
#1663665 traceback in boot_mode_test script
#1662724 Network script traceback when device exists and is valid but is up
but has no IP <>
#1662726 Traceback in Network script due to unknown MII Tool failure
#1667488 disk_stress_ng should not test drives mounted as /boot
#1667781 Network test exits with error if target is not in local subnet.
#1655211 X driver/version test fails with Matrox graphics device

*Provider for Plainbox - TPM2 1.2.0*
Add a new manifest unit has_tpm2_chip to control test execution

*Provider for Plainbox - Canonical Certification Server 0.33.0*
#1667343 Can't install PPCS from dev on s390 because of numactl dependency

*FWTS 17.02*
Complete changelog


Pierre Equoy
QA & Certification Engineer | Canonical |

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