Next Release of Checkbox (2017-02-03 Release Candidate) available in Testing PPA

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Tue Jan 31 13:39:53 UTC 2017

Hello all!

The next release of Checkbox is available in the testing PPA:

Please help testing this version. If everything is OK, I plan to push
this version to stable this Friday.

*New features*

- Job siblings and after suspend flags, both will make easy the creation of
"after suspend" sort of jobs by reusing existing definitions and stop 
them in separate pxu files.
- Udev parser now detects CANBUS device
- Udev parser stops reporting USB drives as DISK to prevent template jobs to
run costly stress tests on them (note we still have dedicated usb 
storage tests)


*FWTS 17.01*
Complete changelog:


Sylvain Pineau

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