New Checkbox release available in our Stable PPA! (2016-09-30)

Pierre Equoy pierre.equoy at
Fri Sep 30 10:28:15 UTC 2016

Hello all!

A new release of Checkbox is available in the stable PPA:

It includes the following components:

   - checkbox-ng 0.29
   - plainbox-provider-checkbox 0.31
   - plainbox 0.31
   - plainbox-provider-certification-client 0.28
   - Firmware Test Suite 16.09

New features

   - *Modified graphics jobs to take "amdgpu-pro" drivers into account:*
   this has been developed based on the beta drivers we've received from AMD
   and tested on one of the devices we have in the Taipei lab that uses the
   new amdgpu-pro stack.
   - *Updated docking tests:* thanks to Jerry, we now have a whole new set
   of docking tests to be compliant with requirements from Dell.
   - *Revamped documentation:* Maciek did a great job so that all the
   useful documentation can be accessed from one location:
   <> Maciek and Sylvain wrote
   additional documentation for newcomers so it's easier to understand how
   checkbox works. Any feedback is welcome!
   - *A new flag is available to hide the output of a job:* You may want a
   job to be executed silently without writing anything to the standard
   output. This is now possible using the suppress-output flag. Simply add
   the keyword suppress-output to the flags field
   <> in
   your job definition, and the output of the job will be hidden when the job
   is run, but will still be available in logs at the end of the session.

Complete Changelog

*Canonical Certification Client Provider for PlainBox 0.28*
#1622477 Adapt graphics jobs to take amdgpu-pro drivers into account

*Checkbox Provider for PlainBox 0.31*
#1612080 bluetooth4/HOGP-keyboard has ImportError
#1621815 monitor/1_multi-head case cannot be run
#1624968 Docking tests need to be updated
#1611494 virtualization script should pull amd64 cloud image, not i386
#1560319 networking/ntp skipped due to missing "ntpdate" package

*Next Generation Checkbox (CLI) 0.29*
#1375328 Checkbox needs an option to ONLY report overall PASS or FAIL

*PlainBox (Toolkit) 0.31*
#1598741 Plainbox crashes at start 'requests-oauth missing'
#1618197 docker snap commands fail to run from a tempdir
#1473941 don't use policy kit within a snappy environment
#1618016 startprovider command generates legacy stuff
#1626031 Add a new job flag to avoid displaying stdout/stderr

*Firmware Test Suite 16.09*
= New Features =

  * lib: acpi: add supports for WPBT
  * acpi: wpbt: add ACPI WPBT test
  * lib: acpi: add supports for DRTM
  * acpi: drtm: add ACPI DRTM test
  * lib: fwts_guid: add a compare function
  * acpi: nfit: check fields equals 0 for Virtual CD and Disk
  * opal: mtd: Add OPAL MTD Validation
  * acpi: ACPI Platform check updates
  * acpi: fadt: Remove HEADLESS check on reduced hardware
  * pci: aspm: Add segment support
  * ACPICA: Update to version 20160831

= Fixed Bugs =

  * acpi: nfit: skip SPA Range Structure Index for four GUIDs
  * acpi: remove "Linux-ready Firmware Developer Kit" from license header
  * cpu: msr: change SMRR_PHYSBASE from 8MB boundary to 4KB boundary
  * acpica: remove utprint.c, it is not required
  * ACPICA: Remove utfileio.c, it is deprecated and not used
  * opal: ensure fdt_node_path buffer is null terminated
  * fwts: treewide: voidify return from close(), closedir() and fclose()
  * lib: fwts_ipmi: fix incorrect memset size
  * opal: mtd: Add error exit when no MTD's
  * opal: prd: Improve message when no PRD detected
  * devicetree: dt_sysinfo: Improve message for non-reference model
  * efi_runtime: change __usc2_strsize name to distinguish from ucs2_strsize
  * efi_runtime: redefine all uint*_t types by following the header efi.h
  * efi_runtime: exchange the user and local name define
  * efi_runtime: refactor the success and error path
  * efi_runtime: add label to reduce the number of kfree
  * efi_runtime: expand to a full if-conditional instead of using terneary
  * efi_runtime: add VariableNameSize return when getting the
  * efi_runtime: fix memory leak of getvariable funtion
  * efi_runtime: move the checking status forward
  * efi_runtime: clean up some return and alignment code
  * uefirttime: specify enable to true for setwakeuptime wiht null time test


Pierre Equoy
QA & Certification Engineer | Canonical |

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