Modifyable launchers

Jeffrey Lane jeffrey.lane at
Mon Oct 17 20:57:59 UTC 2016

I'm trying (and failing) to create a modifiable launcher for
checkbox-cli.  IRC seems pretty vacant so I'm asking here instead (and
an email thread is probably better anyway).

The most recent version looks like so (I've trimmed some things out
just for brevity sake):


cat << EOF | checkbox-cli
#!/usr/bin/env checkbox-cli
app_id =
launcher_version = 1
stock_reports = submission_files, certification

[test plan]
unit =
filter = *-server-*, *-only, *virtual*, *firmware-tests
forced = yes

[test selection]
forced = yes

type = silent
output = hide

config_filename = canonical-certification.conf

Now looking at at the help for checkbox-cli, it says this:

usage: checkbox-cli [-h] [--verify] [--title SESSION_NAME] [LAUNCHER]

positional arguments:
  LAUNCHER              launcher definition file to use

And given that checkbox-cli is called as an interpreter in the normal
launcher file, in theory I should be able to cat the file and pipe it
to checkbox-cli. but that does not work.

So how can I do that?

The end goal is to get a launcher file that will choose a unit based
on certain data...

for example, if I have two units called:


I want to be able to do something like this:

RELEASE=`lsb_release -r |cut -f 2`

[test plan]
unit =$RELEASE-tests

and have it automatically load the unit appropriate to $RELEASE.

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