Checkbox VCS is Git as of today!

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Mon Oct 10 10:20:34 UTC 2016


As of today, the checkbox development will use Git for version control, 
goodbye to bzr and lp:checkbox.

The list of checkbox projects is always available at

To help you start working with git, I've created a small bootstrap 
script [1]
taking care of cloning all the repositories and recreating the same tree
structure than the one we had with bzr. One benefit is that you can 
still use

     cd checkbox-project

The PMR [2] instance running under the ce-certification-qa user will now
process your merge proposals and Tarmac will stop looking at lp:checkbox.

Daily builds in the dev ppa [3] are already building debian packages using
git-build-recipe and the same git-dpm packaging branches that we have in 
[4]. If you have work-in-progress bzr branches, please create new merge
requests but this time from a git repository that you own.

Even if the switch from bzr to Git can be done today, a few action items 
have to be completed, such as:

  - Set up git recipes for testing/stable ppa
  - Fixing autopilot in mini-ci (i.e clone lp:plainbox)
  - ReadTheDoc update, pull from git repo now, not bzr trunk
  - Re setup lp automatic translations

I'll post another update once everything is completed.
But hey it's time to profit and enjoy working with git NATIVELY :)

Thank you ~checkbox-dev for all your help and contributions.

Sylvain Pineau


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