Transition to git - preliminary schedule

Sylvain Pineau sylvain.pineau at
Mon Oct 3 06:55:51 UTC 2016


We've completed another great release of the checkbox stack last week, 
and as
promised it's time to prepare - and complete - a story started a long 
time ago.
The transition from our historic all-in-one bzr trunk to individual 
and git repositories.

So we'll say good bye to lp:checkbox and welcome the following new members
(which are not entirely new):

- lp:plainbox
- lp:checkbox-ng
- lp:checkbox-support
- lp:checkbox-converged
- lp:plainbox-provider-checkbox
- lp:plainbox-provider-resource

I've started to export the bzr history into the new repositories. It 
means for
example that lp:plainbox only contains the commits relevant to plainbox and
only the plainbox release tags. Actually all the git repositories have 
been set up this weekend.

But's there a few last steps to complete before deprecating checkbox bzr 
The list below contains items that should be done before week #42 as the 
is to perform the next release to the hardware certification ppa 
(stable) with
our new release tools (i.e git only).

- Create all bumpversion config files
- Create all git-dpm packaging repos and upload the last release tarballs
   (to prepare the next release)
- Setup git recipes (daily/testing/stable) in lp for projects requiring 
   packaging (i.e: snappy/touch providers do not need it)
- Adapt "test in container" scripts to clone the required git repos for 
   instead of trying to develop non existent providers
- Fix autopilot (i.e clone lp:plainbox) in mini-ci
- ReadTheDoc update, pull from git repos now, not bzr trunk
- Create
- Update debian homepages to point to the new repos instead of lp:checkbox

During the transition period please continue to submit your merge 
proposals to
bzr. We'll take care of creating patches that we'll apply to the new repos.
That's why I really wish to complete the transition within two weeks ;) 
Most of
our core developers are already familiar with git thanks to zyga's 
git_lp and
don't forget that we've already migrated the certification providers to git
(server and client). So I hope it won't be a huge change for you.
If you need help with git and know more about the release workflow, 
we'll be
willing to help in #checkbox on freenode.

Stay tuned!

Best Regards,

Sylvain PINEAU

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