Adding new files to a provider

Zygmunt Krynicki zygmunt.krynicki at
Wed Mar 23 09:39:11 UTC 2016

Dnia 2016-03-22, wto o godzinie 17:46 -0400, Jeffrey Lane pisze:
> I still haven't gotten an answer to this yet, Maciej helped a bit,
> but
> then I had to take off and couldn't follow up quickly... and because
> of time-zone differences it's probably easier to do it this way.
> In the server cert provider
> (plainbox-provider-canonical-certification:master-server) I have
> added
> a bin dir and a script that we wrote to do some pre-testing before
> launching c-c-s.

The bin/ directory is recognized as a part of the provider and is
automatically packaged. No changes are necessary in or in
debian packaging.

> So my question is, what is the correct way now to ensure that the
> package built for plainbox-provider-certification-server installs the
> script in the bin dir to /usr/bin?

That's an invalid expectation. The bin directory contains *private*
scripts needed for the provider.

If you want a public executable then you have to look after this
yourself. You have to ensure that it is placed into the tarball
( sdist) and that the debian packaging installs it in an
appropriate location.

If this is a launcher file, this is somewhat simplified but not all the
way yet.

> The packaging stuff is kept separately and to be honest, I'm not even
> sure if the files in the debian dir are the appropriate place anymore
> for that or not... maybe it is.

It depends, can you tell me more about what is the nature of the script
you want to have in the public executable pool (/usr/bin)?

Thanks for bringing this to the mailing list.

Best regards

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