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Hi Rod,

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> Hi all,
> A while ago I had a problem with a dependency for a new test not
> showing up in Checkbox. I've just submitted merge requests for a new
> test that again depends on a new package:
> This one depends on a fairly recent version of stress-ng, which I've
> uploaded to the certification PPA. (The version in all Ubuntu releases
> through Wily are too old for this test.) I've put in the "
> = 'stress-ng'" line in, but if I need to modify another
> file to ensure that stress-ng will be installed, could somebody please
> tell me what to modify? Thanks.

I might be wrong, but I think you may want to edit the Debian control file
in the packaging repository to include stress-ng in the "Depends" section:

You may also use the "Recommends" section instead; you can check the Debian
doc about this here:

And maybe someone else will have an opinion about this :)

P.S.: It looks like the merge that was done after your modification is
breaking things [1], but I'm not sure why exactly (I mean it's a merge
conflict but I'm not sure of the root cause).

[1] for example on Xenial build:

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