How to test unit template jobs?

Pierre Equoy pierre.equoy at
Mon Dec 28 02:59:04 UTC 2015


I'm trying to migrate local jobs (e.g. from the checkbox provider [1]) to
unit template jobs [2].

For instance, I replaced the *hdparm* local job [3] with:

unit: template
template-unit: job
template-resource: device
template-filter: device.category == 'DISK'
plugin: attachment
id: info/hdparm_{name}.txt
estimated_duration: 1.0
requires: == 'hdparm'
 device.path == '{path}'
 block_device.{name}_state != 'removable'
user: root
command: hdparm -I /dev/{name}

My problem is I cannot find this job afterwards! When I try to run plainbox
to run this job, it tells me there are no job with the given pattern:

    plainbox run -i "^.*info/hdparm.*$"

(however, this command runs fine with current local job version of hdparm)

What am I doing wrong? How to test unit template jobs?



Pierre Equoy
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