[Checkbox-dev] Discussion for merging identical fwts tests

Jeffrey Lane jeffrey.lane at canonical.com
Tue Aug 25 14:09:49 UTC 2015

On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 12:25 AM Po-Hsu Lin <po-hsu.lin at canonical.com>

> Hello,
> currently we have two sets of fwts jobs:
> firmware/fwts_desktop_diagnosis
> (attachment) firmware/fwts_desktop_diagnosis_results.log
> (attachment) firmware/fwts_desktop_diagnosis_results_hwe.log

I'm not familar with the history here or why there was a need to duplicate
miscellanea/fwts_test by just renaming it fwts_desktop_diagnosis.  I'm also
not familiar with why it was necessary to split the tests out and create
two separate log files (which changed the code internally) when a parser to
parse the FWTS log nad just grab out the bits you want for the separate HWE
log would be sufficient...

> And
> miscellanea/fwts_test
> (attachment) miscellanea/fwts_results.log
> (missing the _hwe attachment job, issue could be found here:
> http://pad.lv/1483598)
> For the fwts job itself, these two jobs are running the same command,
> just with different output name
>  fwts_test -l $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE/fwts_desktop_diagnosis_results.log
>  fwts_test -l $PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE/fwts_results.log
> I am not sure why we have two set of these, maybe we can merge these
> together
> get rid of the desktop one to make it more easier to maintain.

That would be nice, thought as stated above, I'd also revisit the changes
that create two logs and instead have just one log and a parser job to
create the second HWE log if it's really that necessary to pull out the
results for those tests.

Just my opinion, though, as I said, I'm not familiar with why those
duplicated jobs and the script changes were necessary to begin with.


> Cheers
> Sam
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