Accepted evolution 2.3.8-0ubuntu1 (source)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Aug 23 09:55:06 CDT 2005

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 15:35:34 +0200
Source: evolution
Binary: evolution-plugins evolution-dev evolution
Architecture: source
Version: 2.3.8-0ubuntu1
Distribution: breezy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Takuo KITAME <kitame at>
Changed-By: Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at>
 evolution  - The groupware suite
 evolution-dev - Development library files for Evolution
 evolution-plugins - All bundled plugins for Evolution 2.2
 evolution (2.3.8-0ubuntu1) breezy; urgency=low
   * New upstream version, fixes:
     - Cannot post message to NNTP easily.
     - CTRL + H, does not select all mails of thread.
     - Unable to get number of mails in a folder using accessibility interface.
     - Unable to go back to Online mode after clicking offline button...
     - PGP-encrypted attached messages not displayed.
     - New attachment UI is weird.
     - new attachment widget no polished.
     - Serious fd usage error 16.
     - installed header includes non-existant file (Ubuntu: #13341).
     - Add scalix to send and receive check_all.
     - click 'Back' & 'Forward' to proceed in last but one page.
     - renamed IMAP folder loses custom view settings.
     - Evolution sends a GetFolderListRequest instead of a LogoutRequest
       when disabling an account.
     - More Command Line Spew.
     - Evolution crashes moving IMAP folder to local folder.
     - Crash after posting to newsgroup.
     - Install missing e-plugin header.
     - Command Line Spew From Plugins.
     - unable to create new task b/w 00:00-03:00.
     - Double click on the meeting in day view, opens as appointment.
     - Click on 'Edit' on 'Alarm notification nothing happens.
     - drag-n-drop a task from a task list to the same task list makes
       the task disappear.
     - Contact renderer incorrectly uses e_contact_get_const().
     - "Edit Categories" shouldn't be modal.
     - evolution-addressbook-export --format=csv does not work.
     - Unable to rename contact list - Contact list copy of existing
       contact list.
     - scrollbar doesn't work at all.
     - mono plugin fails to load.
     - un-subscribe to list from mail that no longer exists crashed evo.
     - Cannot remove and then provide proxy access immedietly to same id.
     - Evolution crashes always while providing proxy access to more then
       one user.
     - gw: Evolution crashed when proxy access modified.
     - sharing tab missing for user-created folders with names
       like Mailbox, Trash...
     - Inconsistent behaviour while accepting meeting.
     - When accepting appointment into a groupwise calendar,
       they are being marked as "free" not "busy".
   * debian/patches/x-face-view-support.patch:
     - updated.
   * debian/patches/04_autoconf.patch:
     - updated.
 be885875ea100efa301d5af19b521c62 1138 gnome optional evolution_2.3.8-0ubuntu1.dsc
 a94d876e910d840b61c6fcaca8466c05 15532131 gnome optional evolution_2.3.8.orig.tar.gz
 0746805df0b16b4d7f91fae69ca71c5b 22425 gnome optional evolution_2.3.8-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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