Accepted edubuntu-meta 0.11 (source)

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sat Aug 20 14:00:01 CDT 2005

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 11:54:49 -0700
Source: edubuntu-meta
Binary: edubuntu-live edubuntu-desktop edubuntu-server
Architecture: source
Version: 0.11
Distribution: breezy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Oliver Grawert <ogra at>
Changed-By: Matt Zimmerman <mdz at>
 edubuntu-desktop - edubuntu desktop system
 edubuntu-live - edubuntu live system
 edubuntu-server - edubuntu servers
 edubuntu-meta (0.11) breezy; urgency=low
   * Remove universe from the update script, which should never have been there
     in the first place
   * Refreshed dependencies
   * Added language-pack-gnome-bn to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-hi to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-pt to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-fr to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-zh to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-ja to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-ca to live-powerpc
   * Added tuxtype to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-es to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-ar to live-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-en to live-i386, live-amd64, live-powerpc
   * Added hplip-ppds to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc
   * Added tuxmath to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-ru to live-powerpc
   * Added gcompris to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc
   * Added language-pack-gnome-de to live-powerpc
   * Added hplip-base to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-powerpc
   * Added gstreamer0.8-musepack to desktop-i386, desktop-amd64, desktop-
   * Removed language-pack-ar from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-pl from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-ru from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-ko from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-pt from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-it from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-el from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-ca from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-sk from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-es from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-cs from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-tr from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-hi from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-ja from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-sv from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-sr from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-no from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-nl from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-hu from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-nb from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-uk from live-powerpc
   * Removed bind9-host from standard-i386, standard-amd64, standard-
   * Removed language-pack-bn from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-da from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-fi from live-powerpc
   * Removed language-pack-de from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-fr from live-i386, live-amd64
   * Removed language-pack-zh from live-i386, live-amd64
 608a33fd4574046bed31bddd355c35f1 535 base optional edubuntu-meta_0.11.dsc
 3759cb65fa9d6b246f8c668913d6abfa 9777 base optional edubuntu-meta_0.11.tar.gz

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