Accepted fai 2.8 (source)

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Wed Apr 13 09:15:58 CDT 2005

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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Wed,  13 Apr 2005 14:10:34 +0100
Source: fai
Binary: fai
Architecture: source
Version: 2.8
Distribution: breezy
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Thomas Lange <lange at>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <katie at>
 fai        - Fully Automatic Installation
Closes: 136503 265444 281264 287150 289271 290007 290359 290526 290554 293876 299952 301179 301230 303565 303915
 fai (2.8) unstable; urgency=high
   * remove ext2resize from $packages (closes: #303565)
   * major rewrite of simple examples (closes: #290554)
   * make-fai-nfsroot.8: add info about nfsroot location (closes: #303915)
   * fai-guide.sgml: major update for new release
   * setup_harddisks: add support for device names disk1 and disk2,
     reformat some output, print some messages only if $verbose is set
   * rcS_fai: renamed to fai, add manual page fai.8
   * fai: add $rundir, remove unused dirs at the end, call set_disk_info
     before task_defvar, add variable $DO_INIT_TASK, add code for
     softupdate support, rename rcS.log to fai.log, add copyright message
     to usage(), add option -N --new, always test $DO_INIT_TASKS with -eq
   * apt.conf: replace force-confnew with force-confdef
   * make-fai-nfsroot: use dpkg --print-installation-architecture instead
     off uname -m, add arch dependent package name to, remove "" for
     matching * in KERNELPACKAGE, test if $KERNELPACKAGE is empty
     $NFSROOT/var/tmp/packages.arch, use shadowconfig instead of pwconv
   * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: comment FAI_LOCAL_REPOSITORY, set FAICLIENTS to
     local class-C network, remove ext2resize until available again
   * subroutines: add task softupdate, add support for softupdate, add
     $DO_INIT_TASKS, minor changes in get_fai_cvs(), use swapoff -a for
     disabling swap partitions, test $DO_INIT_TASK always with -eq, use
   * subroutines-linux: script prepare_apt is now updatebase, add support
     for softupdates, add task_prepareapt, sliently skip task_chboot if
     LOGUSER is undefined, $disklist now sorted, print setup_hardisks
     output also to console
   * install_packages: cleanup of multiple packages with different
     install/remove operations, add installable(), check if a package is
     listed in a package index and not only in the dpkg database, add
     force-confdef and force-confold to apt-get, install_packages.conf
     unused, remove -f, sub read_config_file
   * fai-do-scripts: now executing scripts matching [0-9[0-9]*, S[0-9]*
     also supported for backwards compatibility
   * fai-mirror: add check if mkinitrd-cd and apt-move are installed, arch
     dependent packages defined in make-fai-nfsroot, replace sed with bash
     builtin, add $debdist, return if $addpackages is empty
   * fai-chboot: change message
   * load_keymap_consolechars: much simpler code
   * create_ramdisk: create /tmp/var/run/fai
   * fai.conf: installserver will be set by debconf, by default LOGUSER is
   * sources.list: insert MIRRORHOST which will be replaced by debconf data
   * Makefile: install device2grub to new location, rename rcS_fai to fai
   * control: add libapt-pkg-perl for install_packages, remove dependency
     on nfs, because fai can also only be used for softupdate
   * postrm: cleanup debconf data on purge
   * postinst: use debconf
   * rules: add dh_installdebconf call, remove chmod of rcS_fai
   * utils/mkdebmirror: --ignore-missing-release --ignore-release-gpg
 fai (2.7) unstable; urgency=high
   * closes grave bug, make-fai-nfsroot.conf: replace raidtools2 with mdadm
     (closes: #299952), move cfengine from $packages to $NFSROOT_PACKAGES 
   * closes important bug, make-fai-nfsroot: use resolv.conf from install
     server during creation of nfsroot (closes: #301230)
   * rcS_fai: set classes before fai-class is called (closes: #301179), set
     hostname if HOST was specified on the commandline
   * fcopy: fix wrong variable name
   * package_config/KERNEL_SOFT: replace `echo $kernelversion` in package
     name with 2.6.8
   * fai-guide.sgml: fix a lot of broken http links, add info for fai-cd
   * install_packages: add setdownloadonly() and $opt_d
   * conf/install_packages.conf removed
   * fai-mirror: source make-fai-nfsroot.conf, add add_base_packages(),
     allow - in class names, add option -a, call install_packages with -d,
     add PKGCOMP for apt-move.conf, do not exit 9 if $FAI_DEBMIRROR is not
     defined, log aptitudes actions to /dev/null
   * fai-mirror.1: add option -a
   * install_packages.8: add option -d
   * add fai-cd script for creating a bootable FAI CD image (closes: #265444)
   * add fai-cd.8 man page
   * add conf/menu.lst: needed by fai-cd
   * control: add mkinitrd-cd to Suggests, add Build-Depends-Indep on
     debhelper greater version 3
   * class/DEFAULT.var: use kernel-image-2.4-386 as default kernel package
   * fai-savelog-ftp: remove $ENV{LOGREMOTEDIR} from mkdir since we just cd
     to it
 fai (2.6.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * add task debconf (closes: #136503)
   * new script fai-debconf
   * add manual page fai-debconf.1
   * control: use nfs-kernel-server by default (closes: #293876)
   * QUESTIONNAIRE: minor update
   * packages_config/XFREE: remove some -dev packages
   * packages_config/SERVER: remove symlinks
   * packages_config/DEFAULT: add debconf-utils
   * replace backticks with $()
   * fai-do-scripts: use local variables, make it a bash script
   * fai-guide.sgml: update for debconf support, add aptitude in
     install_packages config
 fai (2.6.6) unstable; urgency=medium
   * 06hwdetect.source: add comment, add class NVIDIA which is not currently
     used, bug fix: correct SCSI detect 2.6 kernel, replace backticks with
     $(), discard error messages from modprobe, enable dma mode for ide
     devices (with fai CD it was not enabled)
   * make-fai-nfsroot: use "" when testing variables, add link for
     discover, remove resolv.conf created by debootstrap (closes: #281264),
     create list of all packages in base.tgz, add packages for x86_64,
     remove unneeded files in $FSROOT/etc/fai
   * ftar: bug fix do not do recursive removal if $target/$dir is /
   * fai-guide.sgml: fix typos (closes: #287150), add info about
     /files/packages/ (closes: #290359)
   * add task_savelog to die() (closes: #290526)
   * make-fai-bootfloppy: bug fix: support /media directory, choose last
     installed kernel if more than one kernel is installed in nfsroot
   * setup_harddisks: bug fix: redefined mountpoint are too often reported,
     allow space before primary and logical keyword
   * create_ramdisk: bug fix: make directory for discover
   * fai-setup: typo in variable name (closes: #289271), reload nfs server
     instead of restart, read make-fai-nfsroot.conf, use variable
   * fai-class: bug fix: option -T hangs the script, make it a bash script,
     replace backticks `` with $(), bad variable name in testclass()
   * share/subroutines: bug fix: cd to / so umount -a will not fail too
     often, kill sshd before rebooting, umount $target/proc before
     umounting all otger file systems, copy FAI_CLASSES to $target/var/log/fai
   * fai-chboot: bug fix: do not fail on subnet IP addresses, test if host
     lookup is possible before calling $h->name (closes: #290007)
   * install_packages: add option -f, add command{pending},
     command{dpkgc}, print max number of packages only in verbose mode
   * install_packages.8: add option -f, add info about
   * new config file: install_packages.conf, used for fai-mirror(1)
   * rcS_fai: remount / with noatime, set variables if booting from CD, set
     hostname to $HOST it was unset, remove unused variable, minor code
   * DEFAULT/S01: add copying of /etc/modules
   * DEFAULT/S10: add message where grub writes boot record
   * class/01alias: add class FAICD if running from fai CD, add classes for
     host gnomehost (used by fai-cd)
   * package_config/DEMO: replace install with aptitude
   * make-fai-nfsroot.conf: add variable FAICLIENTS, remove package dpkg-dev
   * script/LAST: enable shadow passwords for passwd and group in examples,
     eject cdrom when running from fai CD
   * task_sysinfo: call hwinfo if available
   * fai-savelog: do not save remotely if $LOGSERVER is not set
   * new command fai-mirror and manual page fai-mirror.1
   * .../XF86CXonfig-4/DEFAULT: change HorizSync, use pc105 keyboard model
   * .../XF86CXonfig-4/MATROX: removed because DEFAULT works now
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