[ubuntu/bionic-updates] snapd 2.49.2+18.04 (Accepted)

Łukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com
Mon Jun 7 15:49:54 UTC 2021

snapd (2.49.2+18.04) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1915248
    - interfaces/tee: add TEE/OPTEE interface
    - o/configstate/configcore: add hdmi_timings to pi-config
    - interfaces/udisks2: allow locking /run/mount/utab for udisks 2.8.4
    - snap-seccomp: fix seccomp test on ppc64el
    - interfaces{,/apparmor}, overlord/snapstate:
      late removal of snap-confine apparmor profiles
    - overlord/snapstate, wrappers: add dependency on usr-lib-
      snapd.mount for services on core with snapd snap
    - o/configstate: deal with no longer valid refresh.timer=managed
    - overlord/snapstate: make sure that snapd current symlink is not
      removed during refresh
    - packaging: drop dh-systemd from build-depends on ubuntu-16.04+
    - o/{device,hook}state: encode fde-setup-request key as base64
    - snapstate: reduce reRefreshRetryTimeout to 1/2 second
    - tests/main/uc20-create-partitions: fix tests cleanup
    - o/configstate, o/snapshotstate: fix handling of nil snap config on
      snapshot restore
    - snap-seccomp: add new `close_range` syscall

snapd (2.49.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1915248
    - tests: turn modules off explicitly in spread go unti test
    - o/snapshotstate: create snapshots directory on import
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap/triggerwatch: fix returning wrong errors
    - interfaces: add allegro-vcu and media-control interfaces
    - interfaces: opengl: add Xilinx zocl bits
    - many: fix new ineffassign warnings
    - interfaces/seccomp/template.go: allow copy_file_range
    - interfaces: allow reading the Xauthority file KDE Plasma writes
      for Wayland sessions
    - data/selinux: allow system dbus to watch
    - Remove apparmor downgrade feature
    - Support tmp and log dirs on Yocto/Poky

snapd (2.49) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1915248
    - many: add Delegate=true to generated systemd units for special
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap: rename ModeenvFromModel to
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap/initramfs-mounts: write realistic modeenv for
    - osutil: skip TestReadBuildGo inside sbuild
    - tests: fix umount for snapd snap on fsck-on-boot test
    - snap/info_test.go: add unit test cases for bug
    - tests/main/services-after-before: add regression spread test
    - snap/info.go: ignore unknown daemons in SortSnapServices
    - cmd/snap-preseed: initialize snap.SanitizePlugsSlots for gadget in
    - OpenGL interface: Support more Tegra libs
    - interfaces/browser-support: allow sched_setaffinity with browser-
      sandbox: true
    - cmd: make string/error code more robust against errno leaking
    - o/snapshotstate: handle conflicts between snapshot forget, export
      and import
    - cmd/snapd-generator: don't create mount overrides for snap-try
      snaps inside lxc
    - tests: update test pkg for fedora and centos
    - gadget: pass sector size in to mkfs family of functions, use to
      select block sz
    - o/snapshotstate: fix returning of snap names when duplicated
      snapshot is detected
    - tests/main/snap-network-errors: skip flushing dns cache on
    - interfaces/builtin: Allow DBus property access on
    - cgroup-support.c: fix link to CGROUP DELEGATION
    - osutil: update go-udev package
    - packaging: fix arch-indep build on debian-sid
    - {,sec}boot: pass "key-name" to the FDE hooks
    - asserts: sort by revision with Sort interface
    - gadget: add gadget.ResolveContentPaths()
    - cmd/snap-repair: save base snap and mode in device info; other
      misc cleanups
    - tests: cleanup the run-checks script
    - asserts: snapasserts method to validate installed snaps against
      validation sets
    - tests: normalize test tools - part 1
    - snapshotstate: detect duplicated snapshot imports
    - interfaces/builtin: fix unit test expecting snap-device-helper at
    - tests: apply workaround done for snap-advise-command to apt-hooks
    - tests: skip main part of snap-advise test if 429 error is
    - many: clarify gadget role-usage consistency checks for UC16/18 vs
    - sandbox/cgroup, tess/main: fix unit tests on v2 system, disable
      broken tests on sid
    - interfaces/builtin: more drive by fixes, import ordering, removing
      dead code
    - tests: skip interfaces-openvswitch spread test on debian sid
    - interfaces/apparmor: drive by comment fix
    - cmd/libsnap-confine-private/cleanup-funcs-test.c: rm g_autofree
    - cmd/libsnap-confine-private: make unit tests execute happily in a
    - interfaces, wrappers: misc comment fixes, etc.
    - asserts/repair.go: add "bases" and "modes" support to the repair
    - interfaces/opengl: allow RPi MMAL video decoding
    - snap: skip help output tests for go-flags v1.4.0
    - gadget: add validation for "$kernel:ref" style content
    - packaging/deb, tests/main/lxd-postrm-purge: fix purge inside
    - spdx: update to SPDX license list version: 3.11 2020-11-25
    - tests: improve hotplug test setup on classic
    - tests: update check to verify is the current system is arm
    - tests: use os-query tool to check debian, trusty and tumbleweed
    - daemon: start moving implementation to api_snaps.go
    - tests/main/snap-validate-basic: disable test on Fedora due to go-
      flags panics
    - tests: fix library path used for tests.pkgs
    - tests/main/cohorts: replace yq with a Python snippet
    - run-checks: update to match new argument syntax of ineffassign
    - tests: use apiBaseSuite for snapshots tests, fix import endpoint
    - many: separate consistency/content validation into
    - o/{device,snap}state: enable devmode snaps with dangerous model
      secboot: add test for when systemd-run does not honor
    - secboot: add workaround for snapcore/core-initrd issue #13
    - devicestate: log checkEncryption errors via logger.Noticef
    - o/daemon: validation sets api and basic spread test
    - gadget: move BuildPartitionList to install and make it unexported
    - tests: add nested spread end-to-end test for fde-hooks
    - devicestate: implement checkFDEFeatures()
    - boot: tweak resealing with fde-setup hooks
    - tests: add os query commands for subsystems and architectures
    - o/snapshotstate: don't set auto flag in the snapshot file
    - tests: use os.query tool instead of comparing the system var
    - testutil: use the original environment when calling shellcheck
    - sysconfig/cloudinit.go: add "manual_cache_clean: true" to cloud-
      init restrict file
    - gadget,o/devicestate,tests: drop EffectiveFilesystemLabel and
      instead set the implicit labels when loading the yaml
    - secboot: add new LockSealedKeys() that uses either TPM/fde-reveal-
    - gadget/quantity: introduce Offset, start using it for offset
      related fields in the gadget
    - gadget: use "sealed-keys" to determine what method to use for
    - tests/main/fake-netplan-apply: disable test on xenial for now
    - daemon: start splitting snaps op tests out of api_test.go
    - testutil: make DBusTest use a custom bus configuration file
    - tests: replace pkgdb.sh (library) with tests.pkgs (program)
    - gadget: prepare gadget kernel refs (0/N)
    - interfaces/builtin/docker-support: allow /run/containerd/s/...
    - cmd/snap-preseed: reset run inhibit locks on --reset.
    - boot: add sealKeyToModeenvUsingFdeSetupHook()
    - daemon: reorg snap.go and split out sections and icons support
      from api.go
    - sandbox/seccomp: use snap-seccomp's stdout for getting version
    - daemon: split find support to its own api_*.go files and move some
    - tests: move snapstate config defaults tests to a separate file.
    - bootloader/{lk,lkenv}: followups from #9695
    - daemon: actually move APIBaseSuite to daemon_test.apiBaseSuite
    - gadget,o/devicestate: set implicit values for schema and role
      directly instead of relying on Effective* accessors
    - daemon: split aliases support to its own api_*.go files
    - gadget: start separating rule/convention validation from basic
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add better unit test for overname sorting
    - secboot: use `fde-reveal-key` if available to unseal key
    - tests: fix lp-1899664 test when snapd_x1 is not installed in the
    - tests: fix the scenario when the "$SRC".orig file does not exist
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: fix sorting of overname mount entries wrt
      other entries
    - devicestate: add runFDESetupHook() helper
    - bootloader/lk: add support for UC20 lk bootloader with V2 lkenv
    - daemon: split unsupported buy implementation to its own api_*.go
    - tests: download timeout spread test
    - gadget,o/devicestate: hybrid 18->20 ready volume setups should be
    - o/devicestate: save model with serial in the device save db
    - bootloader: add check for prepare-image time and more tests
      validating options
    - interfaces/builtin/log_observe.go: allow controlling apparmor
      audit levels
    - hookstate: refactor around EphemeralRunHook
    - cmd/snap: implement 'snap validate' command
    - secboot,devicestate: add scaffoling for "fde-reveal-key" support
    - boot: observe successful command line update, provide a default
    - tests: New queries for the os tools
    - bootloader/lkenv: specify backup file as arg to NewEnv(), use ""
      as path+"bak"
    - osutil/disks: add FindMatchingPartitionUUIDWithPartLabel to Disk
    - daemon: split out snapctl support and snap configuration support
      to their own api_*.go files
    - snapshotstate: improve handling of multiple errors
    - tests: sign new nested-18|20* models to allow for generic serials
    - bootloader: remove installableBootloader interface and methods
    - seed: cleanup/drop some no longer valid TODOS, clarify some other
    - boot: set kernel command line in modeenv during install
    - many: rename disks.FindMatching... to FindMatching...WithFsLabel
      and err type
    - cmd/snap: suppress a case of spurious stdout logging from tests
    - hookstate: add new HookManager.EphemeralRunHook()
    - daemon: move some more api tests from daemon to daemon_test
    - daemon: split apps and logs endpoints to api_apps.go and tests
    - interfaces/utf: Add Ledger to U2F devices
    - seed/seedwriter: consider modes when checking for deps
    - o/devicestate,daemon: fix reboot system action to not require a
      system label
    - cmd/snap-repair,store: increase initial retry time intervals,
      stalling TODOs
    - daemon: split interfacesCmd to api_interfaces.go
    - github: run nested suite when commit is pushed to release branch
    - client: reduce again the /v2/system-info timeout
    - tests: reset fakestore unit status
    - update-pot: fix typo in plural keyword spec
    - tests: remove workarounds that add "ubuntu-save" if missing
    - tests: add unit test for auto-refresh with validate-snap failure
    - osutil: add helper for getting the kernel command line
    - tests/main/uc20-create-partitions: verify ubuntu-save encryption
      keys, tweak not MATCH
    - boot: add kernel command lines to the modeenv file
    - spread: bump delta ref, tweak repacking to make smaller delta
    - bootloader/lkenv: add v2 struct + support using it
    - snapshotstate: add cleanup of abandonded snapshot imports
    - tests: fix uc20-create-parition-* tests for updated gadget
    - daemon: split out /v2/interfaces tests to api_interfaces_test.go
    - hookstate: implement snapctl fde-setup-{request,result}
    - wrappers, o/devicestate: remove EnableSnapServices
    - tests: enable nested on 20.10
    - daemon: simplify test helpers Get|PostReq into Req
    - daemon: move general api to api_general*.go
    - devicestate: make checkEncryption fde-setup hook aware
    - client/snapctl, store: fix typos
    - tests/main/lxd/prep-snapd-in-lxd.sh: wait for valid apt files
      before doing apt ops
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap: update model cross-check considerations
    - client,snapctl: add naive support for "stdin"
    - many: add new "install-mode: disable" option
    - osutil/disks: allow building on mac os
    - data/selinux: update the policy to allow operations on non-tmpfs
    - boot: add helper for generating candidate kernel lines for
      recovery system
    - wrappers: generate D-Bus service activation files
    - bootloader/many: rm ConfigFile, add Present for indicating
      presence of bloader
    - osutil/disks: allow mocking DiskFromDeviceName
    - daemon: start cleaning up api tests
    - packaging/arch: sync with AUR packaging
    - bootloader: indicate when boot config was updated
    - tests: Fix snap-debug-bootvars test to make it work on arm devices
      and core18
    - tests/nested/manual/core20-save: verify handling of ubuntu-save
      with different system variants
    - snap: use the boot-base for kernel hooks
    - devicestate: support "storage-safety" defaults during install
    - bootloader/lkenv: mv v1 to separate file,
      include/lk/snappy_boot_v1.h: little fixups
    - interfaces/fpga: add fpga interface
    - store: download timeout
    - vendor: update secboot repo to avoid including secboot.test binary
    - osutil: add KernelCommandLineKeyValue
    - gadget/gadget.go: allow system-recovery-{image,select} as roles in
    - devicestate: implement boot.HasFDESetupHook
    - osutil/disks: add DiskFromName to get a disk using a udev name
    - usersession/agent: have session agent connect to the D-Bus session
    - o/servicestate: preserve order of services on snap restart
    - o/servicestate: unlock state before calling wrappers in
    - spread: disable unattended-upgrades on ubuntu
    - tests: testing new fedora 33 image
    - tests: fix fsck on boot on arm devices
    - tests: skip boot state test on arm devices
    - tests: updated the systems to run prepare-image-grub test
    - interfaces/raw_usb: allow read access to /proc/tty/drivers
    - tests: unmount /boot/efi in fsck-on-boot test
    - strutil/shlex,osutil/udev/netlink: minimally import go-check
    - tests: fix basic20 test on arm devices
    - seed: make a shared seed system label validation helper
    - tests/many: enable some uc20 tests, delete old unneeded tests or
    - boot/makebootable.go: set snapd_recovery_mode=install at image-
      build time
    - tests: migrate test from boot.sh helper to boot-state tool
    - asserts: implement "storage-safety" in uc20 model assertion
    - bootloader: use ForGadget when installing boot config
    - spread: UC20 no longer needs 2GB of mem
    - cmd/snap-confine: implement snap-device-helper internally
    - bootloader/grub: replace old reference to Managed...Blr... with
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap: add readme for snap-bootstrap + real state
    - interfaces: fix greengrass attr namingThe flavor attribute names
      are now as follows:
    - tests/lib/nested: poke the API to get the snap revisions
    - tests: compare options of mount units created by snapd and snapd-
    - o/snapstate,servicestate: use service-control task for service
    - sandbox: track applications unconditionally
    - interfaces/greengrass-support: add additional "process" flavor for
      1.11 update
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap, secboot, tests: misc cleanups, add spread test

Date: 2021-04-15 09:05:08.792300+00:00
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <michael.vogt at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Łukasz Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com>
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