[ubuntu/bionic-security] freerdp2 2.1.1+dfsg1-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (Accepted)

Marc Deslauriers marc.deslauriers at canonical.com
Mon Jun 1 17:27:05 UTC 2020

freerdp2 (2.1.1+dfsg1-0ubuntu0.18.04.1) bionic-security; urgency=medium

  * Updated to 2.1.1 to fix multiple security issues.
    - debian/patches/*.patch: removed, no longer needed with new version.
    - debian/patches/1001_spelling-fixes.patch: fix spelling mistake.
    - debian/rules: set WITH_PROXY=OFF for now.
    - debian/control: added libcairo2-dev to Build-Depends.
    - debian/rules: set WITH_CAIRO=ON.
    - debian/control: added libicu-dev to Build-Depends.
    - debian/rules: set WITH_ICU=ON.
    - debian/*symbols: updated for new version.
    - CVE-2019-17177, CVE-2020-11042, CVE-2020-11044, CVE-2020-11045,
      CVE-2020-11046, CVE-2020-11047, CVE-2020-11048, CVE-2020-11049,
      CVE-2020-11058, CVE-2020-11521, CVE-2020-11522, CVE-2020-11523,
      CVE-2020-11524, CVE-2020-11525, CVE-2020-11526, CVE-2020-13396,
      CVE-2020-13397, CVE-2020-13398, CVE-2018-1000852

Date: 2020-05-28 14:30:19.392018+00:00
Changed-By: Marc Deslauriers <marc.deslauriers at canonical.com>
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