[ubuntu/bionic-proposed] linux-oem-osp1 5.0.0-1012.13 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Jun 26 12:29:42 UTC 2019

linux-oem-osp1 (5.0.0-1012.13) bionic; urgency=medium

  * linux-oem-osp1: 5.0.0-1012.13 -proposed tracker (LP: #1833932)

  * Add DMIC support to oem-kernel (LP: #1826181)
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: reduce ifdef usage for hda
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Enable jack detection in sof hda driver
    - Revert "ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: switch to use legacy IRQ mode"
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: modify stream interrupt handler
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: fix warning for unused variable in non-HDA builds
    - ASoC: hdac_hdmi: report codec link up/down status to bus
    - ASoC: SOF: add runtime idle callback
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: implement runtime idle for CNL/APL
    - ASoC: SOF: dont wake dsp up in kcontrol IO
    - ASoC: codec: hdac_hdmi: fix pin connections at cvt enable
    - ALSA: hda: fix headphone detection failed

  * [SRU][B/B-OEM/B-OEM-OSP-1/C/D/E] Add trackpoint middle button support of 2
    new thinpads (LP: #1833637)
    - Input: elantech - enable middle button support on 2 ThinkPads

  * [graphics] Enable ICL (LP: #1825940)
    - drm/i915/icl: Add WaDisableBankHangMode
    - drm/i915/icl: Adding few more device IDs for Ice Lake
    - drm/i915/cfl: Adding another PCI Device ID.
    - drm/i915: Accept alloc_size == blocks
    - drm/i915: Don't pass plane state to skl_compute_plane_wm()
    - drm/i915: Extract skl_compute_wm_params()
    - drm/i915: Allocate enough DDB for the cursor
    - drm/i915: Make sure cursor has enough ddb for the selected wm level
    - drm/i915: Keep plane watermarks enabled more aggressively
    - drm/i915: Move some variables to tighter scope
    - drm/i915: Don't pass pipe_wm around so much
    - drm/i915: Inline skl_update_pipe_wm() into its only caller
    - drm/i915: Fix PSR2 selective update corruption after PSR1 setup
    - drm/i915: Populate pipe_offsets[] & co. accurately
    - drm/i915: Extract ilk_lut_10()
    - drm/i915: Don't use split gamma when we don't have to
    - drm/i915: Implement split/10bit gamma for ivb/hsw
    - drm/i915: Add 10bit LUT for ilk/snb
    - drm/i915: Add "10.6" LUT mode for i965+
    - drm/i915: Expose the legacy LUT via the GAMMA_LUT/GAMMA_LUT_SIZE props on
    - drm/i915: Expose full 1024 LUT entries on ivb+
    - drm/i915: Introduce struct class_instance for engines across the uAPI
    - drm/i915: Fix skl+ max plane width
    - drm/i915: Rename skl_wa_clkgating to the actual WA
    - drm/i915: Fix the inconsistent RMW in WA 827
    - drm/i915/icl: Fix clockgating issue when using scalers
    - drm/i915: Always try to reset the GPU on takeover
    - drm/i915: Add Wa_1409120013:icl,ehl
    - drm/i915/icl: use ranges for voltage level lookup
    - drm/i915/cnl: use ranges for voltage level lookup
    - drm/i915/skl: use ranges for voltage level lookup

  * Sometimes touchpad automatically trigger double click (LP: #1833484)
    - SAUCE: i2c: designware: Add disable runtime pm quirk

  * Add pointstick support on HP ZBook 17 G5 (LP: #1833387)
    - Revert "HID: multitouch: Support ALPS PTP stick with pid 0x120A"
    - SAUCE: HID: multitouch: Add pointstick support for ALPS Touchpad

  * Dell XPS 13 (9370) defaults to s2idle sleep/suspend instead of deep, NVMe
    drains lots of power under s2idle (LP: #1808957)
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: pci/nvme: prevent WDC PC SN720 NVMe from entering D3
      and being disabled"
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: nvme: add quirk to not call disable function when
    - Revert "UBUTU: SAUCE: pci: prevent Intel NVMe SSDPEKKF from entering D3"
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: nvme: add quirk to not call disable function when
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: pci: prevent sk hynix nvme from entering D3"
    - PCI: PM: Avoid possible suspend-to-idle issue
    - SAUCE: PCI: PM: Skip devices in D0 for suspend-to-idle
    - nvme-pci: Sync queues on reset
    - nvme: Export get and set features
    - nvme-pci: Use host managed power state for suspend

  * Intel WiFi (CNVi) module has no function on Comet Lake [8086:02f0]
    (LP: #1833065)
    - iwlwifi: add support for 6-7 GHz channels
    - iwlwifi: support new NVM response API
    - iwlwifi: for AX210 device support radio GF4
    - iwlwifi: bump FW API to 47 for 22000 series
    - iwlwifi: remove unused 0x40C0 PCI device IDs
    - iwlwifi: bump FW API to 48 for 22000 series
    - iwlwifi: bump FW API to 49 for 22000 series
    - iwlwifi: add new cards for 22000 and fix struct name
    - iwlwifi: bump FW API to 50 for 22000 series
    - iwlwifi: add new cards for 22000 and change wrong structs
    - iwlwifi: change 0x02F0 fw from qu to quz

  [ Ubuntu: 5.0.0-20.21 ]

  * linux: 5.0.0-20.21 -proposed tracker (LP: #1833934)
  * CVE-2019-11479
    - SAUCE: tcp: add tcp_min_snd_mss sysctl
    - SAUCE: tcp: enforce tcp_min_snd_mss in tcp_mtu_probing()
  * Remote denial of service (resource exhaustion) caused by TCP SACK scoreboard
    manipulation (LP: #1831638) // CVE-2019-11478
    - tcp: refine memory limit test in tcp_fragment()

  [ Ubuntu: 5.0.0-19.20 ]

  * CVE-2019-12817
    - SAUCE: powerpc/mm/64s/hash: Reallocate context ids on fork

Date: 2019-06-25 11:56:14.596897+00:00
Changed-By: Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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