[ubuntu/bionic-updates] gnome-desktop3 3.28.2-0ubuntu1.5 (Accepted)

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 10 21:53:34 UTC 2019

gnome-desktop3 (3.28.2-0ubuntu1.5) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Revert "libgnome-desktop-3-17.symbols: Update". I overzealously
    cherry-picked this from disco. This is in fact not a problem with the
    autotools build (in disco meson is used and the _-prefixed symbols are
    leaked). It is not needed here.

gnome-desktop3 (3.28.2-0ubuntu1.4) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Cherry-pick patch from upstream to use mutter's connector-type to detect
    output connector type. This fixes suspend on some systems (primarily ones
    using the NVIDIA binary driver). (LP: #1731318)
  * libgnome-desktop-3-17.symbols: Update. The patch add two symbols and drops
    one. These symbols are defined in "gnome-rr-private.h", which is not
    shipped in the -dev package, so they can't be used in practice. This is a
    technical ABI break but one which it's OK to overlook. There's probably a
    better way to handle the visibility of these symbols, though.

Date: 2019-07-03 09:07:10.707826+00:00
Changed-By: Iain Lane <iain at orangesquash.org.uk>
Signed-By: Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com>
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