[ubuntu/bionic-updates] livecd-rootfs 2.525.12 (Accepted)

Łukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com
Wed Jan 16 19:40:10 UTC 2019

livecd-rootfs (2.525.12) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Key netplan delegation to NetworkManager on presence of
    /usr/sbin/NetworkManager, not on /usr/lib/NetworkManager which may have
    hooks from other packages (i.e., wpasupplicant).

  [ Cody Shepherd ]
  * Include snaps in image manifests (LP: #1805497)
  * Change call to add grub efi packages using new create_manifests()

livecd-rootfs (2.525.11) bionic; urgency=medium

  * Backport all the required changes to enable Raspberry Pi 3 armhf and arm64
    preinstalled image builds. (LP: #1805668)
    - Add support for raspi3 rootfs builds (based on Ryan Finnie's changes).
    - For ubuntu-image consumption, export the kernel and initrd to
      image/boot/uboot for raspi*.
    - Avoid issues of hard-linking to a symbolic vmlinuz as this can lead to a
      dangling symlink.
    - Add raspi3 arm64 rootfs build support.
    - Add git to the build dependencies for the gadget tree pull.
    - Minor fixes to raspi3 builds: add arm64+raspi3 to the supported model
      list, pass SUITE on to the build stage and use the git:// url for the
      gadget tree.

Date: 2018-12-10 20:48:09.618012+00:00
Changed-By: Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Łukasz Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com>
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