Better way to move a file or files from one project to another?

Doug Lee dgl at
Fri Jul 10 02:44:00 UTC 2020

So I've used bzr split and bzr join to spawn new projects, join projects, and possibly move history; but for the latter, it's messy... way more history than I need.

Example: I have a project consisting of several small but related utilities, but today I decided that one of them really ought to be part of a different set of utilities. Using bzr split and bzr join would duplicate the
entire history of the first project into the second I think. In this case, I just want to move the history of one file from one project to another.
It's ok if the history of that file also stays in the first project, but I don't want the revisions of all the other project1 files to go into project2.


Is there a way I missed to remove unrelated history after a bzr split, or some other way to clean out unrelated content when moving things around like this?

I expect this is not a common use case, so I won't be surprised or upset if the answer is no. Just figure it's worth asking.

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