Breezy 2019 summer sprint report

Sam Bull bazaar at
Mon Aug 19 18:24:24 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2019-08-12 at 22:55 +0000, Jelmer Vernooń≥ wrote:
> This is not a valid URL; the bit in the netloc after the : should have
> a part, you'd want to replace the second : with a / so the URL is:
> brz branch git+ssh://

That works. As most people are accustomed to just copying the command from
bitbucket or github, it would be nice to catch this kind of user error and
present an example of the correct format for a Git repository.

I've been testing it out today, and it seems to be working reasonably well.
However, it would be great to have support for checkouts (in the Bazaar sense);
is this infeasible to implement on a Git repo or does it just need some extra

Also, is there any kind of shortcut to brz push a new branch to the origin. i.e.
in Git I would:
   git checkout -b foo
   git push
   # Git then gives an error with a copy/paste command to push it correctly
   (this need to copy/paste is annoying, but better than nothing).

With Breezy I do:
   brz branch trunk foo
   cd foo
   brz push
   # brz tells me how to push to :parent, but this is the local trunk, not the
   brz push git+ssh://someurl.git,branch=foo

The ideal solution might look something like:
   brz branch trunk foo
   cd foo
   brz push :origin  # With the branch name automatically set to foo.

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