Breezy 3.0 beta 1 released!

Martin (gzlist) gzlist at
Sat Feb 2 14:23:22 UTC 2019

We're pleased to announce the first beta release of Breezy.

Breezy is a version control system implemented in Python with
multi-format support and an emphasis on hackability. Key features for
the upcoming major release include:

* Compatibility with Python 3 (as well as Python 2.7)
* Support for Git repositories and workflows
* Bundled tools that were previously external plugins, most notably:
  grep, fastimport/fastexport, bisect, upload, stats, heads
* ~140 other bug fixes, see: <>

For more in-depth (but still incomplete) list of changes since the
fork from Bazaar, see the changelog at


You can install Breezy 3.0beta1:

* From source, by downloading the tarball at:
with GPG signature:
* From pip by running `pip install breezy`
* From unstable or testing on Debian
* From the PPA on Ubuntu: <>

New in 3.0beta1

This release includes more bug squashing from reports of alpha users,
a new 'propose' feature for integration code hosting platforms such as
gitlab, and polish on the git support.

Fixed bugs compared to 3.0alpha2 include:

* Native colocated branches created by breezy do not work with bzr
* "brz propose" command
* Python 3 support and unicode related bug fixes
* Git support related bug fixes
* Test suite fixes
* "File id already exists in inventory" during bzr mv
* info does not report colocated branch name
* document working with github
* Installing brz does not install gpg / brz does not handle missing gpg clearly
* running 'brz ignore' in a git tree breaks
* bzr rm \\ crashes with IndexError
* Silently ignores add of file "\\"
* bzr switch -r switches revision but gives incorrect output
* bzr log fails with "Invalid line in bugs property"
* Unexpected conflict switching within colo branch

Known issues


Upgrading from Bazaar

The Breezy configuration lives in '~/.config/breezy', but it will read
'~/.bazaar' if the former does not exist. Since the API for Breezy is
different than that of Bazaar, any existing plugins will need to be
ported manually. Plugins installed in '~/.bazaar/plugins' will almost
certainly not load.

Breezy has dropped support for the FTP transport.

External plugins

Several of the plugins that were available for Bazaar and that were
not merged into Breezy itself have been ported to work with Breezy.

* breezy-debian (based on bzr-builddeb)
* brz-builder (based on bzr-builder)
* brz-loom (based on bzr-loom)
* loggerhead
* qbrz (based on qbzr)

Not all of these ports are fully functional yet, and some (like qbrz)
do not yet work on Python 3.


Please report any bugs on Launchpad: <>.

You can also reach us here on the Bazaar mailing list, and on the #bzr
IRC channel on Freenode. Also, Jelmer and Martin are both at FOSDEM
this weekend so come and find us if you want to talk VCSes.

Happy hacking!

Jelmer, Martin, and Vincent

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