Breezy hacking day report

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Wed Mar 28 22:11:08 UTC 2018

That's great progress guys !!

I have been using Python 3 with Breezy, under the assumption that was 
one of the main focus areas, and that Python 2.7 support may break.  
Seems that was the opposite approach being undertaken.  I can understand 
why so Bazaar users can easily and painlessly migrate, but I figured 
those users would probably stick to Bazaar.

Glad to see Python 3 becoming a first class citizen ;-)

Keep the good work coming !!

Cheers, Brendan.


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> We had another day of hacking on Breezy in London last weekend.
> Jelmer has made good progress on foreign branch support over the last
> weeks, which I've not kept up with reviewing. Friday night went over
> all the pending branches and landed most, leaving a few of the bigger
> branches to deal with on Saturday.
> All but a handful of the several thousand format tests in Breezy now
> pass against the Git format as implemented by brz-git.
> As part of these changes, file ids are now mostly* an implementation
> detail for the Bazaar format.
> Rename detection is a format responsibility, which in the case of
> Bazaar is done by using file ids. The Git format implementation
> doesn't support tracking right now, but will in the future use an
> algorithm similar to that used by C Git.
> Since some of my earlier ui changes for Python 3, the character based
> interactive commands have been broken, including shelve and uncommit.
> I had a branch which addressed that, by also included a semantic
> change to how config could be used. So, unpicked just the ui parts and
> landed those, we'll address global state issues with config later.
> We also landed several large branches for improving Python 3 support.
> Gradually building up the number of tests that pass there, and added
> support for our CI to run both versions. So far, we've been making
> sure the tests always pass on 2.7 but only checking 3.X manually.
> For more info, see the recently changed merged branches report:
> Some of the foreign branch work has also incidentally helped out with
> nested trees, though there's more to do there.
> Martin

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