Breezy now in Debian testing

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Sun Nov 19 21:10:07 UTC 2017

Hello Jelmer.

Jelmer Vernooij - 04.09.17, 06:52:
> As of a few moments ago, breezy is available in Debian testing.
> If you are running Debian testing/unstable, you can install it using apt:
> $ apt install brz
> Note that breezy will provide both the "bzr" and "brz" commands if you don't
> have Bazaar installed.

Great, I just deinstalled bzr. Unfortunately this also remove qbzr. But if 
then bzr command is still available… then Dolphin´s Bazaar integration should 
still work.

I mostly use it on command line anyway.

Thanks for continuing development on this fine VCS. I also use git, but bzr/
brz command line seems a lot more friendly to me.


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