Plugin Guide

Richard Wilbur richard.wilbur at
Tue Jun 28 00:30:13 UTC 2016

Now that the docutil monkey patch is working in the plugin guide, I have conquered the other build errors and warnings, except
for the last 3.  It turns out we have (minimal) documentation for
three plugins that are not presently in the table of contents, id est,
they are built but never referenced in the index.html so only
available to those who know the name and path of the file:
colocated-plugin.html, cvs-plugin.html, and mtn-plugin.html.

It seems that colocated-plugin was likely a first-pass at colocated
branches by Jelmer.  The documentation is sparse.  Did it pursue a
different course than lp:bzr-colo or did it become lp:bzr-colo?

Both the cvs-plugin and mtn-plugin state that they are there purely to
inform the user that there is no native/builtin support for CVS
working trees or Monotone branches.

I guess the question is, "Do we add these to the table of contents in
index.html, or write a little note telling why they exist and further,
why we are not publishing them?"

(The automatically generated subtitle in the table of contents would
say:  "cvs - Indicates that CVS formats are not supported",
"mtn - Indicates that Monotone formats are not supported",
and "colocated - Colocated branches support (aka git-style branches)".)


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