Problems with deleting tags?

Richard Wilbur richard.wilbur at
Sun Apr 24 02:54:10 UTC 2016

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 11:26 PM, Matthew D. Fuller
<fullermd at> wrote:
> Meant to add, but got lost in the torrent:
>>   So, for the VCS-tag vs. local-tag, it may be reasonable to have the
>>   same backend code (maybe slightly different to maintain disjoint
>>   lists, or maybe an extra flag in the data structure saying which
>>   it's on) and just different commands or flags for them.  Though that
>>   can intersect oddly with some questions of how the history is
>>   represented too as far as how it gets publicized, so maybe it's not
>>   quite so simple.
> And for that matter, the main point of versioning on tags isn't so
> much "let me see the history of this" as "automate resolution of
> changes on merge", so versioning is almost a waste for local tags,
> since sorta by definition there's nowhere you'd want to merge them.

So that's similar to what I was thinking:
1.  Continue to use the current .bzr/branch/tags file for "local" tags
that don't have any history, but also don't merge, push, or pull these
"local" tags.  If you branch off an existing branch, then you still
get a copy of the "local" tags.
2.  Use a feature flag to distinguish those tags which are
version-controlled and a command-line flag to create them.  (I need to
learn about feature flags!  Thanks, Vincent, for the recommendation.)
3.  Offer a command line flag to '--promote' a local tag to
version-controlled.  (Assume created at revid to which it points and
by committer of that revision.)
4.  Shadow the most recent definition of the version-controlled tags
in the "local" tags file for backward compatibility.


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