Homebrew packages for OS X updated for 2.7.0

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at free.fr
Thu Feb 18 19:01:59 UTC 2016

>>>>> Fred McCann <fred at sharpnoodles.com> writes:

    > Just an update on landing Bazaar and working plugins into OS X’s
    > Homebrew package manager (http://brew.sh) The following packages
    > have been added and are currently available:

\o/ Well done !

    > bazaar: stable 2.7.0
    > bzr-explorer: stable 1.3.0
    > bzr-externals: stable 1.3.3
    > bzr-fastimport: stable 0.13.0
    > bzr-upload: stable 1.1.0
    > bzr-xmloutput: stable 0.8.8
    > bzrtools: stable 2.3.0
    > qbzr: stable 0.23.1

    > Furthermore, these are pending inclusion:

    > bzr-builder: stable 0.7.3
    > bzr-colo: stable 0.4.0
    > bzr-rewrite: stable 0.6.3

Do you have branches/revisions references for that ?

Any kind of revision will do: revno, revision-id, tag, as long as there
is a public branch for that.

    > I’ve attempted to build packages for the following, but are not
    > working against Bazaar 2.7.0 (bugs filed):

Where ? Do you have urls for them ?

    > bzr-git

Afaik, that one is orphaned. Any taker ?  ;)

    > bzr-loom

I run that one from trunk.

    > bzr-pipeline

I know that one is used daily but don't use it myself.

    > bzr-stats

That one is not working ? Wow, that's quite a surprise. What's the issue ?

    > bzr-svn

That one is orphaned too AFAIK. It needs a new maintainer.

    > Finally, I have packages for the following plugins, but they cannot be
    > published without stable releases in Launchpad:

    > bzr-bisect
    > bzr-difftools
    > bzr-extmerge

Branches/revisions references ?

    > Is there any chance we can get releases cut for the last three?

It mainly depends on how far the branches/revisions you've used are
close to released versions and whether the maintainers are willing to
make new releases.

There are various places where tarballs are hosted in addition to
launchpad: debian, ubuntu, pypi...

If the packages have no maintainers but are not (yet) uploaded to pypi,
tagging a revision, pushing it to launchpad and uploading to pypi may be
the path of least resistance.


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